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Starter ship retrofits

So, recently I've been taking a good look over several of the inbuilt starter ships. You'll probably use these ships versus the DWG, along with some of your own designs, early game. However, these starter ships often have some flaws, so I've been making retrofits for each of the inbuilt ships to improve their performance, or at least I will be. I'm still working on this, and it will be an ongoing project. If you want to suggest specific changes to certain ships, please do so!

Rapier Retrofit
Major Changes: LAMS system, front mounted rams, detection system improvements, engine buff, active radar missiles
Retrofit cost: 30878 RP (original) > 28257 RP (retrofit)


The Rapier is kinda bad, let's be honest. It is inaccurate, weak and prone to ramming. I made a lot of changes to the Rapier, which make it much more effective at it's job. The Rapier is inherently a close quaters craft, and I didn't want to make any changes to it's function of course. What I did do was make it a little tougher, and little more reliable.

First, I introduced a LAMs system, which is fairly effective at soaking up shells and other bullets, without any significant design changes. This also allows the Rapier to do a much better job as a bullet sponge for other craft sitting further back.

A well known fact about the Rapier is that it is really prone to ramming it's opponents. This often isn't what you want, and the rapier has rather weak frontal armor. To improve this, I added a ram to the front of the craft, meaning it's ramming abilities are put to good use, and can be rather fun to use. Just hope to hell it doesn't collide with one of your own ships.

Other changes include some minor improvements to the detection system, which move the coincidence range finder onto the top decorative turret, making it more functional than aesthetic. Also the laser guidance was removed from the missiles, and replaced with more reliable active radar seekers. This cuts costs on laser guidance systems, and also helps to give the missiles a lot more range and reliability. Also the engine was slightly buffed (at the expense of fuel efficiency), so it can power the LAMs systems without costing other systems.

.blueprint   Rapier retrofit.blueprint (Size: 85.07 KB / Downloads: 11)

Cutless Retrofit
Major Changes: Upgraded auto cannons to advanced cannons, removed 4 missiles, improved missile performance and turnrate
Retrofit Cost: 30021 (original) > 26767 (retrofit)


Now, I was asked to do this retrofit by the Cutless's author. To be honest, I haven't ever had any major quarrel's over the Cutless. It's a fairly reliable medium range craft, capable of backing up other damage sources with missiles and auto cannon pellets. It's armor is also fairly strong stock, packing up to 3 layers of wood in some places, which will have absolutely no trouble resisting most shots, and I wasn't sure there was much to improve.

First off, the frontal advanced cannon is, mediocre. It's definitely an improvement none-the-less. It'll definitely allow it to offer a more consistent damage output. Meanwhile, the reduced missiles was due to the missile update, and the missile count was fairly excessive, so I cut back the value to a more moderate amount. This doesn't affect it's damage output in the slightest, and the remaining 8 missiles are a perfectly acceptable amount. I also changed them to active radar seekers, and improved their turning speed, so they can more easily catch up to fast targets.

Despite most of my builds, I did neglect to include a shield or LAMS on the retrofit. The Cutless is designed to be a support craft, capable of staying behind the front lines and providing additional damage output. Like other retrofits, I don't want to change the style of the ships, merely to improve upon what it already does. The Cutless already has perfectly acceptable armor, and would rarely need to take a bullet anyway. If you have any suggestions on way

.blueprint   Cutlass Retrofit.blueprint (Size: 81.48 KB / Downloads: 14)

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