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Battle size

I don't understand how the battle size limit works. I have it set to allow the maximum battle size, but the battles cap at really low numbers. Right now I'm still in the very early stages of the campaign (read: I've only expanded one map section in each direction) and I'm trying a new build strategy. I'm trying to use a bunch of small air ships with swarm tactics, but no matter the battle size no more than four ever spawn in at once. I've tried playing with the slider before the battle, and have looked all up and down the options menus.

At first I was fighting against four Wandas, which aren't that big, only four of my five units spawned in, so I assumed that the Wandas were bigger than they looked, and brought it to the battle cap. Then I fought a single Falkenheim(sp?) which includes a pair of Dusters. Again, I chalked it up to the enemy's numbers causing the cap to be hit. The next fight however was a simple cleanup against a single Sledge, which is a tiny little bugger. Even so, only four of my five would spawn in.

The crafts I'm using are all 100% identical aside from their paintjobs. They each clock in at 233m³ volume, 5137 materials, and 210 blocks. They are by and far the smallest craft I have ever built by a large margin. Considering the sizes of some of my previous builds, I have trouble accepting that I'm hitting the cap. Is there a hardlock at four units or something?

It caps at min(total size, max size)
total size-what can enter battle added up
max size-arbitrary number set by devs to prevent bad stuff from happening (ex computer using swap)

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