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Suggestion: Switchable Four-Way Steam Pipe

Been doing a lot of work with steam engines lately and found the biggest hurdle is how to decelerate your crankshaft assembly when you lose a static load suddenly (e.g. shield emitters destroyed). I've been doing some cool stuff with a battery bank that only charges from a wheel/generator on the crankshaft when I'm at full power to behave as a "dump load" while the boilers power down and the steam releases, but this is a kind of expensive/elaborate/wasteful solution.

E: There is also a current bug that prevents vehicles with wheels/generators on their crankshaft assemblies from loading correctly so this has broken some things.

What would be really nice is a four-way steam pipe that can be controlled via ACB to shut off in specific directions. This way I can have two crankshafts, one that normally gets no steam pressure unless a static load suddenly drops, at which point the ACB switches the valve and sends steam pressure to the "brakeshaft." Done right I wouldn't have to ever vent steam pressure.

Is it doable?

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Suggestion: Switchable Four-Way Steam Pipe - by PualWall - 2018-09-30, 11:33 PM

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