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[GT] IB Cerberus Replacement

This flying hulk of splendid details and guns comes to us from a member of the Japanese community named Maro-Maro, was posted to the steam workshop, and came to my attention via the discord server. I've felt that the old Cerberus (found here) was too thinly armored for godly, so I did want to replace it, and clearly I was not alone in thinking this. After gaining permission I've submitted a version with very minor editing for integration into the campaign. This post is for the sake of proper attribution and documentation, so the original workshop page may be found here and the creator's page here.

Now onto the details of the actual craft.

Block count comes in at just over 4500, 7600 volume, a top speed of 34m/s, and an operational altitude between 55m to 80m as is typical for Iron Blockade airships.

-2x 500mm cannons under the frontal rotors firing HESH caps with beltfed loaders.
-166mm flak turret front and center for AA.
-16x 5m frag missiles in an artillery mount at the back, which shall be changed to large missiles once the update comes through.

-Main body frontal armor consists of metal backed by a plate of HA, the sides are at least 2m of metal at all points, the deck is 1m of wood backed by 1m of metal, and the bottom is mostly 1m of metal lined with slopes. In addition to this, there are several metal plates covering the rotors on the front and sides which can catch shells and look very cool.
-Strength 5 reflect shielding over the front, sides, and rear, but not on the bottom.
-Full smoke coverage
-Radar decoys and flares deployed from the back.
-Interceptors deployed from the front (they are currently covered by doors and are functional oddly enough, these will be replaced by missile hatches when available).
-EMP protection across the whole craft.
-Held aloft by redundant PID jet and dediblade systems.

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