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7x7x7 100mm Sustained Fire Chaingun

(2018-11-01, 12:54 AM)Lincrono Wrote: The counter-point to this is that the cost to armor and carry a 9x9 turret can be significantly more than a 7x7 turret adding potentially hundreds of blocks to a build to accommodate the extra 2m of width.  furthermore, you can mitigate the turret's inefficiency somewhat by using a round Barbette allowing you to pack that otherwise wasted corner with batteries, processors, material/fuel storage, etc.  These components go well in oddly shaped spaces allowing you to conserve more of the square areas of the vehicle for square systems like lasers, engines, AI, etc.

I think this is partially true but depends on personal design. Yes increasing the weapon size does increase cost, but in my opinion the most practical way to get more functionality out of a ship is to increase the damage output. You can spend all day adding bigger engines, defences, aesthetics, etc. but it wont change the size and number of opponents that the craft can take out because the damage output will be less than the opposing craft (assuming the other craft have ample defences, and/or your craft doesn't rely on speed as main defence). Of course there is a limit to the ratio of weapon size/ship size as factors such as recoil, buoyancy, and ammo requirements will come into play.

Im not sure what you mean by packing the wasted corners of barbettes? In a tight square the turret must have free space to rotate and the corners can't be filled in or the turret can't physically rotate.

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