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7x7x7 100mm Sustained Fire Chaingun

Hey guys, 

 So I'm planning on using a 100mm chaingun for my next destroyer and i've come up with three prototypes. All are attempts at sustained 600 rpm indefinite fire. As I am far from an expert on APS i was wondering which one others think is best or if another better design is possible. I've compared cost and reload time, and run a sustained fire test and marked the results for each turret. In my opinion the left most turret with single clip, dual input is the best because it is the only one that has truly sustained fire. What do you think?

[Image: sVERzEc.jpg]
Download Here: 
.blueprint   7x7x7 sustained 100mm prototypes.blueprint (Size: 306.18 KB / Downloads: 107)

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7x7x7 100mm Sustained Fire Chaingun - by Archimedes - 2018-09-29, 10:56 PM

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