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Halloween 2018 Event! Looking for Submissions.

The Spooquod[Image: 2018-10-13_22_21_27.jpg]

A Dalek Commander to, well, command the Dalek forces. An enlarged version of my pervious Dalek (2-3X bigger), with a more potent armament, stronger armour, and a shield. Weakness is still the head, as it has most of the detection. Player command room is once again buried in the neck. 

1XLaser system (2Q 832 pulsed damage, 117.6 AP)
1X402mm Low Velocity HEAT cannon

[Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Dalek Commander.blueprint (Size: 174.79 KB / Downloads: 6)
If interested in joining the United Builders discord group the link is:

My most recent project, an asymmetric realistic early-battlecruiser based somewhat upon the HMS Invincible: The Slavonien class.

The hungry

A small bear thing, it flies around slowly, tends to prefer to eat whatever the player is on , usually going for big targets.

It has missile harpoons, idk if the missile rework will break them, but otherwise its only weapons are rams.

Volume is 639, movement speed 28 m/s

No shields or flares.

Made of Alloy.

Edit: This was supposed to be the final submission but the newest patches ended up completely breaking it, updated the blueprint.

Attached Files
.blueprint   The Hungry.blueprint (Size: 78.82 KB / Downloads: 10)

@Jingles very nice and spooki

@Conn nice that looks just like in the movie. Maybe we should have 3 different color ones... hrmm idk yet Tongue

@Supercowswag I would say it looks cute but thats one ugly maw...I like it.

Keep it up another 10 days remaining Smile
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I can if you want, it would be simple to produce differently coloured variants, possibly with differing weaponry, If I do this, I will modify the Dalek Commander to be the Supreme Dalek (Possibly with the namesake meme as well). The only issue is that there have been MANY different colour coded hierarchies, in both old who and nuwho, it depends which one you would want. The current idea is to do the Emperor next who will use a PAC and missiles, and then a Dalek Warship (UFO basically), and see what I can do with that.
If interested in joining the United Builders discord group the link is:

My most recent project, an asymmetric realistic early-battlecruiser based somewhat upon the HMS Invincible: The Slavonien class.

I present some stuff!

Terri-birdly built Crow on an improved Bastion hull.  With flapping wings!  
Swapped stock 1320mm turrets for a 1320mm turret off the Bulwark, with a fixed 90mm HE gun.

Whats Halloween with out a Jack O' Lantern.  With guns.  Lots of guns.
(4x) 1x499 HE, (2x) 4x 200mm iFrag, (2x) 6x 54mm Sabot.  All with ammo ejectors and fuses.
And modest shields, token LMS, and pretty much no armor what so ever.  Its pretty explosive.  And will deploy balloons to maintain balance on taking damage.

Finally, the above, but with giant missiles.
2x Large
4x Small (with Spotter Flares)

Down sides, the pumpkins are kinda unstable.  Could use someone who is better with PID systems to balance it out a little better.

Attached Files
.blueprint   aNF Bastion V4.blueprint (Size: 136.58 KB / Downloads: 9)
.blueprint   Pumpkin Gun v3.blueprint (Size: 255.27 KB / Downloads: 7)
.blueprint   Pumpkin Gun v4.blueprint (Size: 161.16 KB / Downloads: 6)

Here's a Stalwart resigned to look like Dracula's Castle from Castlevania, the crams are pure HE and the hull armour has been mostly left alone

it has some hidden grave missiles too

Attached Files
.blueprint   Castlevanity.blueprint (Size: 219.95 KB / Downloads: 5)

Exorcist Gun defense turret (updated 11:01pm 10/21/18 to add detection / slightly more ammo)

for use as defensive turret (player faction)

fires off four "silver bullet" APS ejector shells, each packing about 350 500mm HP/FLAK

shells can be reloaded without being modified (ammo inputs already in place) just need repair ability and a large enough ammo supply to draw from.

[Image: 3IXifyy.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   exorcist gun.blueprint (Size: 240.05 KB / Downloads: 8)

and here's the Bone Bomber, a small helicopter with 32 small frag missiles and 2 Simple lasers, it's lighty armoured so pretty much anything can get through it's armour

Attached Files
.blueprint   Bone Bomber.blueprint (Size: 57.24 KB / Downloads: 6)

I'm proud to present you my creations.

The Thornguard (DWG: Vanguard)

1x 803mm HE-Cram 6.87s

[Image: giphy.gif]

.blueprint   Thornguard (DWG_Vanguard).blueprint (Size: 67.16 KB / Downloads: 6)

The Steel Rat (DWG: Antlion)

1x 1225mm HE-Cram 11s
[Image: giphy.gif]

.blueprint   Steel Rat (DWG_Antlion).blueprint (Size: 61.16 KB / Downloads: 4)

The Leviathan (DWG: Kalmar)

1x 2x1003mm HE-Cram  12.84s
6x 1x803mm APHE-Cram 6.25s

[Image: giphy.gif]

.blueprint   Leviathan (DWG_Kalmar).blueprint (Size: 237.46 KB / Downloads: 6)

The Kraken (DWG: Marauder)

1x 2000mm APHE Cram 17.53s
2x 8-Block M HE-Torpedos
26x Lage Cannon

[Image: giphy.gif]

.blueprint   The Kraken (DWG_Marauder).blueprint (Size: 163.35 KB / Downloads: 5)

The gifs do not always show the final state of a ship. I just did not have time to make new ones because it takes a long time to make such a gif.

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