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Constant Crashing-help.

For the past week now i have been experiencing game crashes constantly upon deconstructing/blowing up large ships in the designer. Having over 150 hours in the game and a relatively decent computer, i haven't experienced these until now. Having no crash log, i have attempted verifying my game files, restarting several times, different resolutions etc. however to no success. If anyone is having his problem or knows a solution it'd be a major help.

Thanks in advance.

Have you accidentally downloaded a 32 bit version? That could definetely be a cause. I think FTD needs more than 2 gb of RAM.

Would need more information before even beginning to offer a solution. Things like computer specs, operating system and log files(these generally give us the best clue).

Reinstall the game?

I had the same issue few days ago, so I just bought the game to not have to deal with it myself, and it turns out that the cracked version was 32bit. It would only take 2GB, and then crash to desktop. So yea, if you bought the game, your computer and operating system are both 64bit versions, then you should get 64bit version from steam automatically. If reinstalling wont help, then ask the devs how is it possible that you are getting 32bit version from steam instead of 64bit one.

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