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Simple Script Request

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can make me a very simple LUA script that can adjust the rotation speed of a spin block set on the 'Rotatable' or 'Rotatable (reverse)' setting. I have a submarine that has spin block fake hydrofoils for decoration, but I want them to work with my custom control keys and rotate at the same speed as my hydrofoils, so they don't get rotated out of position when I'm trying to control the hydrofoils. If whoever is up for this most likely ten-line code (that I should really do myself instead of being lazy and asking you good folks to do) would pre-set the rotation speed to that of the hydrofoils in-game, then extra props to you. If and when I post my sub to the workshop, due to the fact it's 371x37x26, I will definitely credit the fine person who makes this code for me, unless that scripting aficionado doesn't want to be credited. Thanks!

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Simple Script Request - by xz90h5 - 2018-09-21, 10:03 PM
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