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FTD Free Battles

I realized that no one is interested at the moment in the big tournament that I proposed.

Then I have another proposal for you.
Free battles.

They are not here.
Only you and your opponent.
All you need is the agreement of the two opponents.

You determine the rules yourself.
I can set limits in the tournament mode.
I can change the map.
I can make a minimal control of the units.

The only limitations on my part are my technical capabilities.
Price from 0 to 300k.
And nothing that could bring down the game...)

You are not squeezed into the price of the unit.

I usually do 3 battles.

Ultra-long battles, more than 15-30 minutes, will most likely be stopped before the enemy is completely destroyed.


Why is this necessary? [Example video]
- You want to have a video of the fight, but you can not shoot it yourself.
- Your friend says that he wins in 9 out of 10 fights. And you say that you are winning...) Neutral side, which can judge both.
- To test your prototypes against existing units.
- You did not meet the deadline for submitting units for the tournament.
- You did not meet the limitations of the tournament.
- You build units regardless of tournaments.
- You want to fight here and now.
- You need a fight out of balance. For example, from units 1.5 times the value of your unit.
- Or do you want to know. How strong is your unit? I can add opponents from battle to battle.
- Or you just want to see how beautiful your ship is breaking up into parts)))


If there is interest, write.
I'll add my contacts.



P.S. Please do not send units waiting to fight in other tournaments.
"Make love, not war." (с) Gershon Legman

RU FTD Discord

I think people would be interested ins something like the Worlds collide idea as well as the free battles. The problem is that there are currently quite a lot of tournaments that are either in progress or in idea/date not set yet state.
primum non nocere
my tournaments:
★★★ Sea Encounters - Battleships! ★★★
★★★ Sea Encounters - Light Cruisers ★★★

My experience shows that right during the tank tournament, my friends wanted to look at the battles of their other units)))
This is especially evident when a person receives his fights.
He is free, he has new ideas, new units. But there is nowhere to apply the new construction.

But here, of course, the question of free time.
"Make love, not war." (с) Gershon Legman

RU FTD Discord

300k cost may also be major limiting factor.
Not anyone has interest and will of building something this big for unfamiliar reason
And not anyone's machine at all capable of handling something this big, let aside twice (you need to run mirror battles for tweaking)
Makes things.
The fastest thing in the universe is sluggish... Years, decades, centuries from star to star.

The whole point of the thread seems to be that you can agree on whatever rules and limits you want with your opponent, and the 300k cost cap was just what Pakus thinks his computer can handle.

Maybe I did not express it clearly enough.
My computer is able to provide combat fleets / units for 300k on each side.
But this is not a price that must be observed.
You can also build a unit for 5k...

I just described the technical possibilities.
"Make love, not war." (с) Gershon Legman

RU FTD Discord

I think this is not a real tournament, but rather a battle request page. I have some designs that never had tgeir moment in the limelight. Requesting a battle video here of it against someone elses design would be neat!


(There is) A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
-Ecclesiastes 3:3

It's not so much a tournament as a constant action.

If the opponent is not found, then I can put one of my units.
But most of them are outdated) There is only one cruiser for 150k.
A fight with which can be very boring... It probably needs to be remade.


"Make love, not war." (с) Gershon Legman

RU FTD Discord

Here's a design of mine (250K rec.) that never really had a good shot. It came out only in 1 battle in an arena with 60m deep water, where 300m deep was communicated by the host. Hence, it lost (by only a few percent).

Would like to see a battle of it against another 250K single entry... in deep-enough water and plenty resources.

Attached Files
.blueprint   SUB-OPTIMAL.blueprint (Size: 523.39 KB / Downloads: 8)


(There is) A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
-Ecclesiastes 3:3

Check your design. There the shields do not work.
Perhaps the update broke it.

And you must make the detection of anti-hover...

Hover - this is the first thing that offered to expose against the submarine)))
There is of course one more submarine. But we must fight against any opponents. Or limit the choice of possible opponents.
"Make love, not war." (с) Gershon Legman

RU FTD Discord

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