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"Worlds collide" tournament [Planning] [Frozen]

Hello everybody!

I speak through google translator.
So in advance I apologize for mistakes and not a natural speech)

I noticed that in the current year there were only thematic tournaments in this community.
I like free fighting.
And I suggest you participate in the tournament with a minimum of restrictions.

It was interesting for me to collide two communities.
This community and that in which I belong.


So. Possible rules:



The fleet is 300k.
50k resources for steam engines and stuff.
1 player versus 1 player.

Tournament mod by Wootness.

1 player - 1 fleet.

Without repair.
Without graviram.
Without codes.
Block intersection and similar things are discussed.

Automatic detection - 0.

The weather is ultra-storm...)))
Example on the video -
The map for the tournament will be attached later.

The map is a superplane.
The bottom is -300m.


You have the right to choose the distance to the opponent.
The enemy is the same.
Variants: near-long-middle distance.

As a result of the combination with the choice of enemy, the distance between you can be: 1800-2100-2400-2700-3000 meters.
The distance from the enemy and to the enemy is measured not from the center of the nearest ship and to the center of the nearest ship, but from the nearest blocks to the enemy.
The width of the spawn field is 2000 m. The blueprint of your fleet should not be wider.

The maximum height is 450 m.
The maximum depth is -200 m.
The maximum distance between opponents is 5000 m.
The despawn timer is 30 seconds.

Resources are centralized. Boxes are not necessary.
Vampirism is 0%.
Standard despawn.


3 rounds.
The round lasts up to 15 minutes.

Win in the round:
- Complete destruction of the enemy.
- 50% difference in the HP of the team after the end of the battle. And the potential winner must be able to do damage to the enemy.

- Both fleets remained alive, but the difference in HP between them is less than 50%.

- Other.


Structure of the tournament.

After all the checks and tests of the fleets, I can assess the player's level and pick up his opponent.
For each will be found his opponent.
I will try to avoid ultimatum victories as much as possible.

At the first stage, each fighter will receive 3 opponents each.

One victory for a total of 3 rounds is +1 point.
Draw - 0.
The defeat is -1.

After three fights, players who scored -2 and -3 points are eliminated.

The remaining players will continue fighting with those who have not yet fought.
2 players who have won the most wins will compete for 1 and 2 places.
3rd place will be taken by the player who has 3rd place on points.

I ask you not to confuse rounds in battles and battles)
Points are awarded for battles.



No restrictions.
But a Google document will be created with voting for the best design.


Date of beginning of the tournament.
A month after the final approval of the rules.
I hope for this time, new patches, changing the balance of the game will not be added...

Be sure to write your nickname in the blueprint - XXXXX by YYYY

Video reviews are discussed.


All points of the rules of the tournament are discussed.


I already hosted tournaments and uploaded them to YouTube.

My first tournament is the "Tank Tournament".
RIP. Similarly, as it happened with "Frigate Fracas" tournament by Menti.
Example video -

The second tournament is "Mad Max Tournament".
Microtournament with much simpler video editing.
Example video -

In addition, there are always "Free Battles".
Example video -

Until the last patch, I could record fleet fights up to 500k.
After the patch - 300k.


I ask to express, what do you think about this tournament?
In addition, its format can always be changed to a duel - 1 unit vs 1 unit.
Or reduce the cost.

I know how difficult it is to build a fleet for 300k...)
"Make love, not war." (с) Gershon Legman

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