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New unit tooltip

I decided to make the ingame tooltips more informative rather than just saying "x is a light tank with dual cannon" but instead, all vehicles will have a list of its stats, in this order:

Type - (Tank Destroyer/Heavy)
Movement - (Hover/Land/Air)
Top speed - (Some number in its most ideal state)
Health - (block count)
Armour - (Tier of armour : Steel/Alloy/Heavy/Structural (Stone), should be the most dominant material on the vehicle)
Defences - (If vehicle contains any active defence gadgets like shields, smokes etc...)
Regeneration - (Number of repair bots, could count as regen per second)
Lifespan - (Time for how long will the vehicle be able to operate on the battlefield, should come in minutes)
Maintenance - (How many materials does the unit consume during combat in one minute)
Matchups ( How the unit should and shouldnt be used)
  1. Strong against - 
  2. Mediocre against -
  3. Weak against -
Range - (in metres, this range means the weapons range, not the detection)
Firerate - (How many rounds per one minute in the most ideal conditions)
AP - (Type of armour it can penetrate or should do decent damage to it, four types : alloy,steel,structure,heavy)
Damage - (Damage against steel target in one minute, damage from all weapons)
Control - (If it can be piloted by the player)
Combat position (Where the vehicle should be present, like in the front, at the flank and things like that)
Weaponry - (What does the vehicle use and its gauge/length/etc.../, order will be from the best damage dealer to the worst)
Miscellaneous - (Everything else)

Thulium Tank
Type - Trash
Movement - Land
Top speed - 32 m/s
Health - 814
Armour - Steel
Defences - n/a
Regeneration - 2
Lifespan - 690 minutes
Maintenance - 8 materials
Strong against - n/a
Mediocre against - Tank destroyers, Trash, Fighter, Other light vehicles
Weak against - Heavy tanks, titans, some anti aircraft, bombers
Range - 1357 m
Firerate - 4
AP - Alloy
Damage - 6180
Control - Yes
Combat position - Front
Weaponry - 873 mm CRAM
Miscellaneous :
- Toughest trash unit in the game but more expensive than others
- Carries considerable number of fuel (38 000) for trash unit, can function as cistern for other vehicles.

Blank template
(Its for me so i can just copy and paste it to the game to save some time)

Type -
Movement -
Top speed -
Health -
Armour - 
Defences -
Regeneration -
Lifespan -
Maintenance -
Strong against -
Mediocre against -
Weak against -
Range -
Firerate -
AP -
Damage -
Control -
Combat position -
Weaponry -
Miscellaneous :

How it looks like in game
(Man....., the formatting is extremely painful, in game whenever i plug it to the game it shows as seamless text, not a list like on the forums so i have to add the spaces there myself)

From here on now, this description will replace the old tooltip, all units will get this and the player will be able to gather much more informations before he even deploys the unit.

Need something fast ? Take a look at the units and see who's fastest, low on resources ? Take a look about which unit shouldnt be deployed in the combat, playing with localized resources ? Look at which units will be able to survive the longest in enemy territory...

[Image: 3BIefYr.jpg]
Some values might not be accurate if you try them yourself, but its rough approximation. Sometimes its really a matter of reflexes if you stop the game to count the numbers and calculate them appropriately.

In general, damage might be the most fleeting factor because it really depends on the target.

Lifespan is calculated by how much fuel is consumed in one minute in combat scenario (Or 15 s, then just multiply it by 4) and then divide the max fuel capacity with that number.

Maintenance is easy, just look up all the ammo processors, each one consumes 2 mats per second to create some ammo. Fuel refineries counts here too.

Range can be quite painful to measure accurately, you need to point the gun as high as possible, fire the gun, freeze the game, press TAB to follow it, initiate the in-game clock, unfreeze it and let it fly
When the projectile touches the ground, stop the game and the clock and multiply the flight speed by time passed. This is especially the case for CRAM's, other weapon systems are easier to measure since some of them just tell you their optimal range. The weapon with the longest range on the vehicle will be displayed.

Matchups are really from vehicle to vehicle, some vehicles will be able to defy their role and behave differently than its counterparts in other armies. Either use common sense or test it out. Though most of the time i will use common sense unless i see otherwise from feedback or from tests myself.

Why am i saying this ? Well because i would like to see all future vehicles to come with these stats in the BP's description in submission threads. You dont have to but you can save some time for me if you have excess of it.

Once finished, i will attach excel file here, containing ALL info that you will be able to see in game. So if you are curious you will be able to take a look at unit stats even without starting the game itself.

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