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September mega thread - round up

So the September sprint has come to an end.

A huge number of tickets were created and processed, the remains a lot of the original scheduled work still unfinished at the end of the sprint.

And this does not include the 130 bug reports now registered as "done" or "in review".

All tickets on the left hand side (i.e. unfinished) will automatically be entered into the next sprint, where the focus will be to finish the new missile systems, do a complete AI overhaul (more on that in a moment), continue to roll out the new UI system, continue to improve multiplayer.

[Image: agkreUa.png]

[Image: Tli46LI.png]

[Image: BY5KbYW.png]
[Image: JtRKdM4.png]
[Image: nsoW4yP.png]
[Image: HY1eQn3.png]
[Image: ZNUR161.png]
[Image: TeFxVOt.png]
[Image: YBWZhIi.png]
[Image: rp4543r.png]
[Image: mBqgNT1.png]
[Image: IzveCZY.png]
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