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2.2.24 live in all branches

Missiles are pretty messed up right now, at least on sets that are created from prefabs.
- the missile module setup isn't saved on prefabs at all
- it may be because of a fight that broke some stuff, and subsequent repairs, but the torp arrays are broken:
- controller 4199 has no launch pads, but launchpad is connected to controller 4199
- another launchpad is not connected to controller 4199 but the gantry behind it is
- ejector that's attached to the disconnected launchpad, is not connected to launchpad
- replacing parts of the system doesn't fix it

After loading the torp setups from template, blueprinting the fortress and then loading the blueprint, things appear to be fixed for the time being.  However producing missiles from prefabs is consistently messed up.


-- edit --
Well, it seemed ok for a while, and then the controllers bugged out and disconnected again.  I actually saw one of them go defunct - I was looking through them, and one was fine.. then it just turned red, and no longer showed launchpads connected (although launchpads still show that they belong to the controller).  If I spawn an enemy, the launchers don't fire at it.

Also the LWC color seems to not format to its tags:
Workshop: Voidware, INARI and more.

As of []:

- Sideways mounted rudders no longer apply their force at a right angle to the direction of movement like they should.
- Rudders used as they're supposed to be used behave properly.

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