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2.2.24 live in all branches

Hi all,

Here is the change log from 2.2.4 to 2.2.24. 
The last stable release was 2.2.16. 2.2.17 through to 2.2.24 have been done in the dev test beta's branch. It's all live now in the main branch.

We've been concentrating mostly on fixing the bugs in the bug tracker, but have also made substantial progress on the missile rework which is currently underway, and added a bunch of new features such as the slope of sloped armour now being used in the projectile damage / ricochet calculations. You'll find a lot of changes to the way missiles work in this build, but the more radical changes such as small, medium and large gauges of missile, hatches, new guidance modules and balancing is still being worked on.

v2.2.5 [Fix] <Regressions>: Custom flags download when game starts, like they used to [BUGS-37]
v2.2.5 [Fix] <Regressions>: Fix for RTG bug allowing infinite material in campaigns [BUGS-31]
v2.2.5 [Fix] <Regressions>: Improved buoyancy for vehicles with over 2K blocks [BUGS-26]
v2.2.5 [Fix] <Regressions>: Multiplayer speed of time syncronisation issue fixed [BUGS-35]
v2.2.5 [Fix] <Regressions>: Ocean colors slightly updated for some weathers
v2.2.5 [Fix] <Regressions>: Various fixes to drop down menus [BUGS-29] [BUGS-32]
v2.2.5 [Fix] <Regressions>: White highlighting now only for blocks with a tooltip to display [BUGS-30]
v2.2.6 [Fix] <Regressions>: Various plotting problems fixed [BUGS-24]
v2.2.6 [Fix] <Regressions>: Vehicles saved with 'Nan' position can now be loaded at [BUGS-14]
v2.2.7 [Fix] <Mods>: Fixed 'mostly-black screen' when loading some old incompatible mods
v2.2.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: Fixed a bug causing world to go orange / purple [BUGS-42] [BUGS-20]
v2.2.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: Fixed battle deployment limits [BUGS-40]
v2.2.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: Multiplayer client vehicle spawning fixed [BUGS-43]
v2.2.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: Multiplayer transfer blueprints no longer reporting as corrupt [BUGS-43
v2.2.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: Weapon slot 10 now functions again [BUGS-25]
v2.2.8 [Fix] <Regressions>: Block IDs once again converted to GUID before being sent across network to fix multiplayer bug [BUGS-59]
v2.2.8 [Fix] <Regressions>: Bug with barrels loading in incorrect position on pistons fixed [BUGS-53]
v2.2.8 [Fix] <Regressions>: Default designer vehicle should now be saved when changed [FTD-130]
v2.2.8 [Fix] <Regressions>: Exploding text no longer splits over multiple lines as it grows [BUGS-54]
v2.2.8 [Fix] <Regressions>: Speed factor now affects spin block visual rotation and helicopter blade force [BUGS-56]
v2.2.8 [Fix] <Regressions>: Stabilisation level of wireless camera now saved [BUGS-58]
v2.2.9 [Add] <UI>: Highlighting of blocks is now optional, controls are in the UI panel of the menu [BUGS-30]
v2.2.9 [Fix] <Block>: Condition and action value ACB sliders linked together [BUGS-44]
v2.2.9 [Fix] <Block>: Fixed physics crash when placing a SubObject containing a wheel
v2.2.9 [Fix] <Regressions>: Centre of mass changes no longer affect vehicle speed estimates [BUGS-78],Tutorial completion metre is updated correctly now [BUGS-74]
v2.2.9 [Fix] <Regressions>: Coordinate frame now updated in multiplayer- fewer graphical glitches and shaking. [BUGS-70]
v2.2.9 [Fix] <Regressions>: Multiplayer saves now send correctly [BUGS-71]
v2.2.10 [Fix] <Regressions>: APS and CRAM frags should now detonate from the correct point [BUGS-18],Jets now use the real water level, rather than 0, to determine whether or not they should run. Useful in storms. [BUGS-91]
v2.2.10 [Fix] <Regressions>: Campaign options are once again customisable from the options menu [BUGS-88]
v2.2.10 [Fix] <Regressions>: Lensed particle cannon shots no longer use twice as much energy as they should [BUGS-12]
v2.2.10 [Fix] <Regressions>: Loops fixed for fleet movement orders [BUGS-97]
v2.2.10 [Fix] <Regressions>: Particle cannon effect is more colourable now [BUGS-94]
v2.2.11 [Add] <Modding>: Poster holders and projectors can define a #hashtag in their URL to load images from Texture Definitions in the mods (which can also define a hashtag for themselves). Try #Cezar for an example. [FTD-167]
v2.2.11 [Fix] <Regressions>: Bug fixed in inertia tensor calc that made vehicles often very wobbly [BUGS-96]
v2.2.12 [Fix] <Regressions>: Adv Ammo UI displays the correct average frag damage now [BUGS-107]
v2.2.12 [Fix] <Regressions>: Fixed 'exploding suspension' on the new wheel system [BUGS-22] [BUGS-57] [FTD-145]
v2.2.13 [Add] <Blocks>: Blocks now connect using a stack, rather than recursion. Should avoid all crashes when making, for example, long PAC arms. [BUGS-88] [FTD-183]
v2.2.14 [Add] <UI>: When you defocus a slider's text input box, it will apply the text now. [BUGS-121]
v2.2.14 [Fix] <Regressions>: Fixed laser coupler connection issues of 2.2.13 [BUGS-123]
v2.2.14 [Fix] <Regressions>: Fixed PAC arm issues of 2.2.13 with more than one arm [BUGS-125]
v2.2.15 [Add] <Avatar>: Head torch added to camera for building / exploring in the dark [REQ-46]
v2.2.15 [Fix] <Regressions>: Cooling time is now properly reflected in the APS ammo UI. Cooling time is now 50% of 2.1.6 cooling time, rather than the 2.2.4 tweak of adding 10 imaginary gauge coolers, which takes overall cooling time down to 42% of 2.1.6 values. [BUGS-77]
v2.2.15 [Fix] <Regressions>: Loading a campaign with custom difficulty now shows the custom difficulty sliders without asking once again if you are happy with custom difficulty [BUGS-112]
v2.2.15 [Fix] <Regressions>: Passive regeneration of ammo out of build mode has been added [BUGS-126]
v2.2.15 [Fix] <Regressions>: Spin block in rotation mode no longer uses motor power. [BUGS-127]
v2.2.15 [Fix] <Regressions>: Wheel force requests go via the vehicle, so you can now visualise them in build mode [FTD-185]
v2.2.15 [Fix] <Regressions>: Wheels exhibit less side ways jitter [BUGS-128]
v2.2.16 [Add] <Campaign>: Added Medium/Hard/Very Hard Quest for Neter campaign scoreboards. Results should be posted properly.
v2.2.16 [Add] <Modding>: Material replace and mesh replace are now functional for the first time [BUGS-140]
v2.2.16 [Fix] <Campaign>: Fixed the Easy Quest for Neter campaign scoreboard. Results are now posted properly.
v2.2.16 [Fix] <Regressions>: AI components report connection to the mainframe using the correct name now [BUGS-133]
v2.2.16 [Fix] <Regressions>: Batteries spawn full in designer mode now, and for 'fresh' constructs [BUGS-130]
v2.2.16 [Fix] <Regressions>: Custom difficulty damage difficulty no longer resets to 1 if modified mid campaign [BUGS-112]
v2.2.16 [Fix] <Regressions>: Explosion force no longer has the ability to send vehicles immediately off into space due to a bug [BUGS-137]
v2.2.16 [Fix] <Regressions>: Feedback UI message now allows multiple lines [bug reported by email]
v2.2.16 [Fix] <Regressions>: Missile warner no longer disables when in the dip of a big wave, but above water [BUGS-91]
v2.2.17 [Add] <Effects>: The reflection probe can now be disabled entirely, as well as being set to an infrequent update or a full frame update
v2.2.17 [Add] <Environment>: It is now possible to adjust the CPU ocean colours independently of the GPU ocean colors. CPU ocean colours updated for Neter. [FTD-193]
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Fuel tanks use the body component's model
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Launchpad and missile logic completely revamped
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Launchpads/controllers/gantries display reload information
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Missile components of the same type are now merged into a single model(visual only)
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Missile trail length changeable from the options menu (misc tab)
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Missile trails improved
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Missiles and downward facing bombs with 0° ejection elevation/azimuth won't move or rotate away from the gantries until they clear them
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Missiles can only have one thruster or torpedo propeller, in the back
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: New missile building UI that also provides detailed stats
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Pressing fire will only launch 1 staggered missile, holding the button continuously fires missiles(unstaggered behavior unchanged)
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Variable propellers are removed, plain Propellers take their functionality
v2.2.17 [Add] <Missiles>: Variable thruster max thrust down to 3000, propeller thrust limit is 2000
v2.2.17 [Fix] <Regressions>: APS ammo customisation UI now presents the correct barrel length needed for accuracy factor of 1, and displays the correct equation for barrel length needed for propellant burn. [BUGS-135]
v2.2.18 [Fix] <ACB>: ACB piston extension in now in meters and in percent [BUGS-115]
v2.2.18 [Fix] <ACB>: An ACB executed by another ACB (directly or via a complex control) will be execute in the same frame or in the next frame, depending on the ACBs execution order [BUGS-52] [BUGS-101]
v2.2.18 [Fix] <Gameplay>: Victory conditions now latch to a pass state, when appropriate [BUGS-182]
v2.2.18 [Fix] <Missiles>: Missile editor UI made to fill the screen [BUGS-177]
v2.2.18 [Fix] <Missiles>: Missile torpedo propeller now applies the initial launching boost once again
v2.2.18 [Fix] <Missiles>: Torpedos will 'sea skim' without an altitude preference, but no higher than -1m altitude. But if a running depth is defined 'sea skim' torpedos will use it
v2.2.18 [Fix] <Missiles>: Various ballast tank regressions from 2.2.17 fixed [BUGS-178]
v2.2.18 [Fix] <Vehicles>: Recursive air pump calculations replaced with stack based. This will stop (potential) crashes when penetrating high volume hulls [BUGS-172] [FTD-31]
v2.2.19 [Fix] <Missiles>: Ballast tank buoyancy adjust now works as expected. And buoyancy once again overcomes gravity for standard missiles [BUGS-178]
v2.2.19 [Fix] <Missiles>: Saving and loading of missible blueprints now reimplenented
v2.2.20 [Change] <APS>: If a copper jet runs out of metric before reaching air/non-structural components it won't do anything
v2.2.20 [Change] <APS>: Penetration factor slider goes from 0.5 (half metric, double frag count) to 2 (double metric, half frag count)
v2.2.20 [Change] <APS>: Penetration metrics reduced across the board, lower calibers are in the 5-20-ish range, higher 8-36 (very rough guidelines)
v2.2.20 [Change] <APS>: Shaped charges now spawn all their frags on hitting the first airgap
v2.2.20 [Change] <APS>: The distance between shields and first contact doesn't affect penetration metric
v2.2.20 [Change] <APS>: When a shaped charge's jet hits a non-structural block it uses up as many particles as necessary to kill it, then spawns the rest in the newly created hole
v2.2.20 [Change] <Balance>: APS HE/frag/EMP/flak warhead kinetic damage multiplier down to 2.5 from 3.5. HE/frag AP modifier up to 1.5 from 0.4. This means APHE is mostly unchanged, HP/HE/frag brought in line a bit.
v2.2.20 [Change] <Balance>: Frag cone angle damage multiplier changed from 0.66-3 at 1-180° to 0.66-2.5. 180° should be a less obvious choice now.
v2.2.20 [Change] <Blocks>: Blocks like 3m turret bases should be able to repair if any of their base touches a valid block now [BUGS-200]
v2.2.20 [Change] <Gridcasting>: Grid casting for FTD has been separated from the rest of the codebase and made more testable/tested
v2.2.20 [Change] <Gridcasting>: Structural sloped blocks now use a full mesh collision detector to return the correct normal angles and thickness
v2.2.20 [Fix] <Blocks>: the ACB is now checking the enemy speed instead of the ACB vehicle's speed [BUGS-98]
v2.2.20 [Fix] <Gameplay>: EMP algorithm improvement, charges won't lose up to 18K damage in Heavy Armor beams
v2.2.20 [Fix] <Gameplay>: HUD damage display in the upper right won't stay indefinitely if lots of damage instances happen in a short time
v2.2.20 [Fix] <Gameplay>: HUD damage display only shows actual kinetic damage done (a 15K damage projectile hitting a metal beam will now only report 2100)
v2.2.20 [Fix] <Regressions>: All wheels moved into 'main' propulsion mode to avoid bug where those on a sub construct do not work [BUGS-161]
v2.2.20 [Fix] <Regressions>: Explosions can now be visually very large, when the explosion radius is very large [BUGS-155]
v2.2.20 [Fix] <Regressions>: left/right/centre mouse no longer called mouse0, mouse1,mouse 2 [BUGS-193]
v2.2.20 [Fix] <Regressions>: Saving an unconnected missile gantry no longer stops the saving of the vehicle [BUGS-190]
v2.2.20 [Fix] <Regressions>: You can no longer fire radar buoys without adequate radar buoy holders [BUGS-196]
v2.2.21 [Add] <Blocks>: ACB water, air, primary, secondary and tertiary commands
v2.2.21 [Add] <Blocks>: Added a railing block, same as the paddle wheel but with no executable code
v2.2.21 [Add] <Blocks>: Paddle wheel is now affected by the subconstruct's motor buff from motor drive of spin block.
v2.2.21 [Change] <APS>: Adjustable HEAT factor range is now 0.5-1 instead of 0.5-2
v2.2.21 [Change] <APS>: HEAT cone angle to 30° from 15° (more consistent damage that's a bit worse on a perfect 90° hit)
v2.2.21 [Change] <APS>: HEAT frag count rescaled so max is lower/min is higher
v2.2.21 [Change] <APS>: HEAT penetration metric scales with the square of HEAT factor (0.5 has 1/4 the metric of 1), metrics increased by 25% across the board
v2.2.21 [Change] <Balance>: Dediblades got a soft speed limit of 50m/s
v2.2.21 [Change] <DWG Easy>: Marauder now 100% paddle powered.
v2.2.21 [Change] <DWG Easy>: Vanguard stability improved and a shiny new gun.
v2.2.21 [Fix] <Blocks>: ACB propulsion command now works in manual, not only under AI control
v2.2.21 [Fix] <GT Godly>: Achievement some minor missile fixes.
v2.2.21 [Fix] <GT Godly>: Numbus missile fixes.
v2.2.21 [Fix] <SS Easy>: Iron Maiden map updated.
v2.2.21 [Fix] <SS Godly>: Cezar missile fixes.
v2.2.21 [Remove] <DWG Easy>: Vanguard Retrofit removed from the lineup.
v2.2.22 [Add] <Sound>: Repetative / continuous sounds (engines, sea creak, turrets) now attenuate over time so you don't have to listen to at max/any volume forever. Customisable in sound options menu. [BUGS-221] [FTD-218]
v2.2.22 [Add] <Technical>: Content change logs automatically imported into the main change log [FTD-217]
v2.2.22 [Fix] <Blocks>: Dediblade spiners once again listen to the motor drive (regression from 2.2.15) [BUGS-153]
v2.2.22 [Fix] <Blocks>: Wings that are placed upside down now also provide lift [BUGS-218]
v2.2.22 [Fix] <Missiles>: Missile maneouver axis system fixed- missiles (especially one turns missiles/torpedos) should have less problems now. [BUGS-191] [BUGS-242]
v2.2.22 [Fix] <Missiles>: Missile thrusters work when underwater if in a dry space- this includes all missile gantry blocks. This fixes a regression from 2.2.17. [BUGS-211]
v2.2.22 [Fix] <System>: Less memory footprint for explosions [BUGS-198]
v2.2.23 [Change] <DWG Easy>: Shrike bombs now more reliable.
v2.2.23 [Change] <LH Godly>: Hydrovolt minor rearrangements.
v2.2.23 [Change] <WF Easy>: Buriser got some fresh ACbs
v2.2.23 [Change] <WF Easy>: Perdition got a real lesson on the difference of boat and plane.
v2.2.23 [Change] <WF Regular>: Matyr now actually a boat instead of thrustercraft pretending.
v2.2.23 [Change] <Wheels>: Drive wheels can now be configured in 'Tank mode' in order to be able to turn like a tank (off by default)
v2.2.23 [Change] <Wheels>: It is now possible to copy the current wheel configuration on all the wheels on the same side
v2.2.23 [Change] <Wheels>: Turning wheels can now be configured to turn in the opposite direction if placed on the rear of the vehicle (default setting)
v2.2.23 [Change] <Wheels>: Wheel suspension can now be configured
v2.2.23 [Fix] <Block stats>: Issues of ticket [BUGS-212] addesssed, with exception of CRAM heavy barrel costs
v2.2.23 [Fix] <Blocks>: Decorative railing now placeable on fortress / structure [BUGS-215]
v2.2.23 [Fix] <DWG Easy>: Walrus paddle wheel no longer spins the entire craft.
v2.2.23 [Fix] <Gridcasting>: Explosions on the very extreme edge of the vehicle work properly again [BUGS-108]
v2.2.23 [Fix] <Gridcasting>: Grid casting has a better approach to air interface calculation [BUGS-205]
v2.2.23 [Fix] <Gridcasting>: HEAT correctly recognises air gaps between spaced armour [BUGS-204]
v2.2.23 [Fix] <Gridcasting>: Number of hit elements now limited correctly, when sub constructs are involved [FTD-13, FTD-51]
v2.2.23 [Fix] <Regressions>: Subobject repairing regression fixed [BUGS-208]
v2.2.23 [Remove] <DWG Easy>: Vanguard Retrofit removed from the lineup, DWG Muddywaters, WF Speed Bumps, MP Tower Defense all adjusted accordingly to the change.
v2.2.24 [Add] <Blocks>: Added an articulated paddle that only applies force in the vehicle's forwards direction
v2.2.24 [Add] <Pathfinding>: Pathfinding codebase for FTD combined with that of FS. FTD pathfinding for naval AI expected to improve [FTD-221]
v2.2.24 [Add] <Technical>: An automatically incrementing 'build revision' number has now been added to handle hot fixes without version changes. [FTD-224]
v2.2.24 [Fix] <Avatar>: Avatar has rudimentary ability to walk up slopes now
v2.2.24 [Fix] <Blocks>: Dediblade max speed set to 100m/s, not 50m/s
v2.2.24 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Spawning subconstructs like the prefabs in the inventory now works across multiplayer games without causing a desync [BUGS-68]
v2.2.24 [Fix] <Regressions>: Stacking many SubConstruct do not freeze FtD anymore [BUGS-225]
v2.2.25 [Change] <DWG Easy>: Javelin now more ship than rocket ship.
v2.2.25 [Change] <DWG Easy>: Kalmar now fully paddlewheel powered.
v2.2.25 [Change] <DWG Easy>: Ocelot slowly backs itself back into the bush.
v2.2.25 [Change] <SS Expert>: Aerotyrant received a new nose paint job.
v2.2.25 [Fix] <DWG Easy>: Vanguard crew removed the reverse gear after a few accidently wrong shifts.
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