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My beef with the game...or beefs

(2018-09-21, 04:26 PM)elexier909 Wrote:
(2018-09-14, 04:21 AM)Soulcharger Wrote: Reason simple lasers are no more powerful is to get you to start using the systems in the game.  For your Progenitor Dreadnaught, you can build a laser inside and have it transferred to your turret.  These systems are much more effective for game play as you need more power, as it is the range restriction on simple lasers is there for a reason, per unit of length they are are much stronger than any other weapon system, and cheap.

Hi sorry been on holiday Big Grin

Yes, I am aware WHY the simple lasers have a range restriction. I am asking for a longer range version at the cost of engine power, (In addition to the current ammo cost) Not necessarily a more powerful version, just longer range.

No, a normal laser system will NOT work for what I'd like.

A normal laser system either fires constant or pulsed (And constant)

A simple laser charges up (Like a particle cannon/rail gun) then unloads over a few seconds, then has to recharge. THIS is the type of firing pattern I want and you CAN NOT recreate it with lasers I have tried.

unfortunately, in the pattern of past nerfs/buffs.  It is unlikely simple lasers will be revisited.  They were nerfed, then nerfed again once the counter changes (they can now be countered like lasers, and the craft taht used them got nerfed via better weapon tracking).  They're now worse than useless but the fear remains, so no buffs.
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