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My beef with the game...or beefs

I may be able to help with the logistics part, I use supply groups extensively in my campaigns. I tend to leave my HQ city and cargo vehicles in play for the immersion factor, it's nice to have shipping traffic in port coming and going or airliners passing overhead. I will try to explain:

-Set up a looped fleetmove waypoint for the cargo vehicle between the unit/structure it takes resources from and the unit/structure it gives to.
-Assign the same supply group to the units and the cargo vehicle in the resource view (it helps if this is a unique supply group not assigned to other units), do not set the material percentage on the cargo vehicle (or fuel/ammo percentage, depends on what you're transporting).
-In the supply group screen, assign the unit material is taken from and the unit the material should be given to, tick "force feed" on.
-Set the cargo vehicle to "fleetmove" and let it go on it's waypoint, it should transfer material but, may not always take a full load.

You can also set up a supply route to take resources from multiple units, like a cargo ship picking up resources from multiple resource-gathering fortresses and dropping it off at a land-based HQ, for example.

Hope this helps a bit. Playing with localized resources can be real fun once you get the hang of supply groups.

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