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My beef with the game...or beefs

(2018-09-13, 07:38 PM)Unhinged mechanic Wrote: On the simple laser front, they used to be stronger, but they were super OP.

I know Smile

If I recall correctly it was becasue yes they were strong on their own, but also they like partical cannons had no counter at the time, Smoke and laser shield's did nothing agaisnt them.

So they had there damage ect nurfed (Not sure if the range was nurfed...has it always been 500 meteres) and the correct counters were applied making them even weaker.

I'm not asking for a more damaging version, just one with longer range and a little more AP at the cost of engine power. Maybe even work it so that these 'Advanced simple lasers' (man thats weird to say) use a 'little' more power than an equivilant laser system would in addition to the ammo cost. (Or even battery power, so they work a little like a hybrid between a Partical cannon and a rail gun)

A simple slider to say how much battery power to use, this would effect either range and AP (fixed damage) or Damage and AP (Fixed range @1000m)

I just love the way simple lasers work, once they killed the block their tageting, they move to the next along the ship, stripping away weaker stuff as it goes until it needs to reload/recharge.

Ironic that my favorite weapon in the game is the simple laser...I would just like one thats a little more flexible with its range and use. (Simple lasers make excelent close range AA guns Big Grin )

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