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My beef with the game...or beefs

Hi all.

This is not meant as a rant, more as an observation of two things in particular that are irritating/annoying, along with possible fixes that won't actually break ANYTHING. (I promise...mostly)

The first thing is logistics.

Or more to the point, moving around resources, Material and fuel (And later on Ammo?)

The UI for this I must admit confuses me to no end, Maybe I'm just not getting it, but hopefully it can either be simplified a little, or some lovable person can point me in the direction of a youtube Vid that explains this for dummies...(Puts on the D party hat :Big Grin )

The second is kinda related.


I can understand needing small fuel tanks with fuel in them for use in small craft, or just to get something moving, But the large fuel tanks are crazy expensive, And this is what kind of ruins the logistics (mentioned above)

Example, you play with local materials, you want to make a tanker to transport fuel, just TEN of the large fuel tanks will cost you 9000 material.

Because they are full.

I often find the cost of craft don't really go up until you start adding large amounts of fuel, and this kind of defeats the fuel refineries.

When playing centralized material, it's often MUCH easier and quicker (For small to medium craft) to just scrap the craft out of fuel and rebuild it on the front line, instant fuel tanks FULL.

My proposal simply add empty variants of the fuel tanks (Or at least the biggest ones) This would help MASSIVELY cut the costs of a lot of designs and give a more active roll for the refineries.

This next point is more of a personal plea.

Can we PRETTY PLEASE with extra cram shells on top, have a upgraded version of the simple laser.

Nothing OP, just the same thing but with better range (like 1KM) and a little more AP, I imagine this upgraded one would use some engine power in ADDITION to the ammo.

The reason being I have been REALLY trying to make a very specific type of weapon, For those famillier with homeworld 2, It's basically the main weapon of the Progenitor Dreadnaught, And simple lasers work EXACTLY fine for this, unfortunately, their range and AP is kinda lacking, I have tried using normal lasers but I cant get the effect right. I have made a small Ion friend type thing, that uses simple lasers and it's nice watching it slice the small DWG ships practically in half (The smaller tug boat type designs) and I LOVE the firing effect, duration etc, I just wish there was a slightly better version.

For those unfamilier, it's this.

Hope it wasn't too ranty and was clear enough.

Happy hunting

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