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This new Ocean is... quite hungry for GPU power

Between setting it on and off I either get 80 FPS or 50
50 is still really good but I also get these fraction of a second stutters every second when I move the camera. It feels like the FPS is below 30 but Nvidia and Steam FPS counters seem to disagree, marking it at around the previously mentioned 50.
Not only that but now I can't Alt+TAB the game and go watch a Youtube vid on top. The sound of the video works well but the image freezes. Iirc that's an indication of a straining GPU
Is a GTX950 really that weak to handle this new update?

Have you tried turning off the reflection probe? I had a pretty significant drop in performance as well but, after turning off the reflection probe, performance was back to normal again.

I play on an even older GTX660 and can maintain a decent 50-60 FPS with graphics set to "full with shadows" and only reflection probe and ambient occlusion turned off, and ocean reflections set to screen space. Performance dips a bit if I put everything into play or during massive battles but, still completely manageable.

Also, be wary of untrusted services (Google services like YT, social media stuff) when playing resource-intensive games, you'll be amazed how much performance can be hogged by unsanctioned background monitoring and data mining. Assigning more VRAM may help get some performance back if you're already caught up in it all.

Ayyy that was it! Also that option was just added on stable today so i wouldn't have been able to do anything about it beforehand
Thanks a lot, m8

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