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Starter Ship Scrimmage 3 - Aerial Arousal [Finished]

As I had suspected, this is very rock-paper-scissors. PACS defeat fighters, fighters defeat swarms, and swarms defeat PACS. It's really unfortunate that the F-2000 went up against two hard counters in a row.

T3hJimmer published the fifth episode:

Much longer battles this time around.

Storm Hearted is loosing its turret easily. Light blocks are not worth it!

PAC fighter does not like fighting groups. Seems that it wins if its first 2-3 attacks kill the opponent but the PAC gets disabled easily. The devils are surprisingly effective despite the kinda broken missiles. PAC fighter can still fly even with 30% health missing. Not bad!

After a collision. G2: 97.4% War engine: 72.7% G2s are pretty durable! O.O Other collisions were less lucky for the G2s but still impressive.

Harper got DQd for being too high. Don't do drugs kids! XD Looked like it would fry an egg but staying at the allowed altitude is difficult sometimes.

(2018-10-17, 08:55 AM)Tomson Wrote: Storm Hearted is loosing its turret easily. Light blocks are not worth it!

Yeah, apparently light blocks can be hit by lasers. I didn't think that was the case, but in that last match the top of the turret clearly got cut off with a block or two still sticking out of the main body.


PAC Fighter has a very effective weapon! Zapper has some wood on the sides so I thought that's maybe enough to stop the EMP but it still killed the AI.

Raw Eggs poked Thomas to death with its guns. That's not how guns are meant to be used! XD Kinda worked though. Raw Eggs has pretty good EMP protection. Thomas didn't look happy!

Hero killed Lacto pretty fast. Lasers can be dangerous if the target isn't well protected.

Riders vs Swordfish was a very fun fight! Two really strong and agile designs in a cool dogfight. Round 3 ended in an especially unexpected way! XD Fun stuff!





Lacto loves to eat soft targets. PAC was a soft target.

Raw Eggs got really lucky so far but you need more than luck against the Riders!

Lacto basically gave up while winning. It's laser was excellent against the small fliers. The riders were down for the count as Lacto decided to run away. It needs better turning if it wants to stay at max range.

Lasers and PAC seem to be the strongest weapons here. I thought they would keep missing because of the lower detection but they worked great. Hero was eating Swordfish while Swordfish KOd Hero. Very aggressive designs! Fun match!


And thus it ends. There were some great matches along the way, overall quite a fun tournament. Now that Disposable Hero is done fighting, here's the blueprint.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Disposable Hero by MrNukealizer.blueprint (Size: 93.66 KB / Downloads: 2)

4Riders really hate fast laser designs. Another rock, paper, scissors situation.

Swordfish vs Hero was a much more balanced fight. Cool!

Congrats to the first 3 places. All of them are great designs! Looking forward to the tank tournament!

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