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Starter Ship Scrimmage 3 - Aerial Arousal [Finished]

(2018-10-13, 03:48 PM)harnas1977 Wrote: Bad matchup for the F-2000. I believe it would be a good counter to my 4riders. Could I persuade you to share the blueprint? Smile

Here's the BP. 
.blueprint   F-2000 Superstorm by Tomson.blueprint (Size: 91.64 KB / Downloads: 21) Kinda feels like it got kicked in the balls 4 times and announced to be KO. XD Pretty sure it would do better against small fighters but 4 riders seem to be very fast and hard to hit while they also seem to have lots of firepower. Not sure F-2000 can beat them.

Hero fried some eggs. Tasty! Raw Eggs just couldn't turn fast enough.

Lacto is very strong against the smaller G2s. Seems like it has a very strong laser because the G2s seemed pretty tanky in their previous fight.

A rider rammed the PAC fighter to death. Badass! XD

Swordfish didn't use its nukes. Sad. But it looked fun as it was chasing its target.

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