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Starter Ship Scrimmage 3 - Aerial Arousal [Finished]

(2018-10-13, 07:42 AM)Tomson Wrote: Stormhearted was quite dominant. I expected energy weapons to miss all the time but they seem to hit very constantly. Did good damage too. Lasers don't have to be large to be useful it seems.

Dust devils have functioning missiles. Not sure what decides if a missile works or not. Its a bit strange right now.

I knew F-2000 would lose. EMP is its kriptonite. But at least this way the War Engine stays in the tournament. I'm happy with that outcome. XD

The Curse is cursed! Missiles stopped working (some at least) and it's facing a laser which loves to eat wood and small stuff. But Harper likes to make it a close match by DQing itself. XD Not a good tactic but fun either way. Harper got lucky the Curse fell out of the sky in time.

Very one sided matches again. I guess future matches should be more balanced with the weaker designs out. Either that or vehicles continue to one hit kill each other until the end. We'll see.

Bad matchup for the F-2000. I believe it would be a good counter to my 4riders. Could I persuade you to share the blueprint? Smile

(2018-10-13, 03:27 PM)T3hJimmer Wrote:

Good and very decisive fights.
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