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Starter Ship Scrimmage 3 - Aerial Arousal [Finished]

One hit kills in less than 5 seconds? Next time I need to add some EMP protection! I just didn't expect EMP to be this dangerous. Now I know. Congrats Sidgit! That PAC is deadly to metal designs!

Thomas still looks funny! XD 4 Riders seem to be quite strong! Small and agile planes that seem to be able to cause a LOT of damage. And if everything else fails they can also ram the target. Nice!
Unfortunately for me it looks like F-2000 is going to face another PAC-EMP design. All that metal armor is working against me now.

Curse was like a tasty dessert to Zapper. All that soft wood and stone is just ideal for a leaser. Missiles are kinda bad right now. They seem to be quite powerful in the unstable version so there is hope for future missile designs.

That Nuke is powerful! Looks like they aren't useless after all. Swordfish is a very smart and strong design. Fun seeing a rammer! Harper seems to be rather strong but not quite strong enough to survive a nuke to the face.

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