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Starter Ship Scrimmage 3 - Aerial Arousal [Finished]

Thanks for posting Cythphn!

Raw Eggs is scary! Or maybe Doctor didn't try dodging hard enough.

Disposable Hero is fast and has a strong laser. Very scary! Hard to hit AND it hits hard.

The G2s and Dust Devils had a fun fight! Very cool! But looks like the outnumbered G2s were simply more tanky against the Devils weapons. Bigger designs might be simply better this time.

Unfortunately for Flat Stone missiles are kinda bad right now. Lacto seemed to have a good enough laser to take out Flat but in round 2 it kinda struggled.

I thought lasers would be underpowered because of the less accurate detection, but they seem to be dominant so far. Kinda makes me worried a laser finds my plane's juicy Flak/frag filled turret. O_o If it does at least F2000 goes out with a bang.
Can't wait to see the Warengine in action! XD

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