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Starter Ship Scrimmage 3 - Aerial Arousal [Finished]

(2018-10-06, 12:38 PM)Tomson Wrote: The flight pattern of 4 riders looks very cool! XD I bet they are difficult targets! The planes

individually are a bit skeletal. They look like alien drones. They are probably not very durable with all

that exposed ammo. Fun stuff!

Zapper looks very durable! Not a pretty plane but it looks like it would be interesting in a fight.

Detection could cause aiming problems but it seems to hit fairly consistently.

Discount Harper looks like an alien fighter! Very cool! Mimic block!? Is that from a mod or is it a new

part in vanilla? Continuous lasers! Cool! Very cool fighter!

Disposable Hero is very flashy! He made absolutely sure people notice him! XD It also moves with 178m/s.

Wow! Spinblock heliblades are powerful! Cool laser! Looks very strong. Scary design! Doesn't seem very

durable but speed armor is strong!

The Dust devils are cute little missile fighters! Very nice looking and pretty fast!

F2000 is not a replica. Just a plane shaped box of gun and jets.It makes pretty explosions! XD

Flat Stone is another cool design that looks like a spaceship! Very nice! Missiles are kinda meh right

now.This plane could be far stronger with the old missiles.

G2-H is a chubby plane. Cute! They like to ram and have a mice dakka gun. Cool!

Lactoferrin looks like a rocket with a big laser gun. Very retro futuristic! It has a strong laser and

wood armor. It'll probably kill things fast but it'll probably die fast too.Interesting!

PAC fighter looks very cool and has a big fat PAC gun. Very futuristic! Very scary for metal designs.Kinda

looks like an animal that wanted to bite it's opponent in the mirror match. XD

Raw eggs looks like a solid design. Good armor, EMP protection and big weapons. I expect it to be pretty

strong! If it works right...

Stormhearted is a cute flier. It kinda looks like a futuristic flying car to me.It has it's weapon sitting

on light blocks. My flak shells are happy! The laser is pretty strong!

Swordfish has a big engine! Lots of power! The PAC looks kinda small but that's plenty of power to kill

small designs. The nukes on the front are scary! With the turret steering it'll be very dangerous! A very

interesting design! It does kinda looks like a swordfish.

The Curse is a cool airship! Very striped!Cute planes too and lots of missiles. Very fun entry!

The Doctor is a cool looking fighter. Very metal with all that flame shooting out everywhere. It's a steam

powered fighter which is even more metal! XD Lots of small-ish guns.

Thomas the war engine. XD Much stronk! Is winner!It has a hude PAK and seems durable enough. It's

unfortunately not steam powered. I guess that means it's powered by war! XD

Very cool designs! Good luck everyone! Big Grin

I always look forward to your re-caps  Wink

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