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Starter Ship Scrimmage 3 - Aerial Arousal [Finished]

(2018-10-03, 03:00 PM)Tomson Wrote: Several +2! I just sent mine. I think it'll go out of bounds and lose that way. It doesn't have fast enough turning for it's speed. Or maybe the turret detonates which is bad with clips full of 200mm flak/frag shells. But I hope it'll have a few good fights! Smile Or at least makes  nice fireworks.
I also share 2 other planes. Feel free to use them for testing! The red one is the Very Stronk Plane which has 4 turrets with 400mm flak/frag guns. It usually beats F-2000 but it has problems turning and it won't dodge anything being a huge slow target. The other one is a small 2000 mat fighter shooting small flak/frag. Not very stronk...

Well Tomson, you never fail to amaze. Both craft are not only fantastic looking, but also very capable.

What I found was that there many paper/scissors/rock designs and very often when I tweak something to counter one design it becomes a food for another....
Here's my 4riders submission.
[Image: g94n1vO.png]
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