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Starter Ship Scrimmage 3 - Aerial Arousal [Finished]

(2018-09-14, 06:30 PM)harnas1977 Wrote:
(2018-09-14, 02:32 PM)T3hJimmer Wrote: Updated the rules.

All simple weapons are banned, including Rams.

You can have a maximum of 6 missiles per entry. No limit on gantries. Can be on one vehicle, or spread across multiple vehicles.

Entries will be spawned at 300m elevation, use a spawn sticks to adjust from there is needed.

Hmmm, why is that?
I wanted to make 12 small planes.... now there is no way to achieve that with missle limits and autocannons gone.

Missile spam is OP. I might change the number after more testing, but there will be a limit. Use APS and fewer planes.

(2018-09-14, 06:50 PM)Soulcharger Wrote: Missile limit, does this included APN guided  bombs? No thrust.

Yes, I'll be counting the number of launch pads.

(2018-09-14, 09:47 PM)Ipsok Wrote:
(2018-09-13, 05:08 PM)T3hJimmer Wrote:
(2018-09-12, 04:17 AM)Ipsok Wrote: Alright I'll kick off the age old argument right from the start...  Shields or no shields?

I don't see a problem with allowing shields. Aircraft at this size won't last long without them.

Is there a max number of shield layers then?

No limit on shield layers, self-damage requirement should keep things in check.

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