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Starter Ship Scrimmage 3 - Aerial Arousal [Finished]

You get 12,000 materials to build the ultimate starter aircraft.

[Image: X4oonnm.gifv]


•12k Max materials
•Must be an aircraft
•Multiple vehicle entries are allowed (must be combined into one spawn stick)
•Your entry must be able to significantly damage itself in a mirror match (more than 10% health in 2 minutes)

•Movement must be smooth, no glitch twitching (moving rapidly side to side in a manner that hurts my eyes)
•Must be capable of moving at least 15 m/s (does not have to actually move this fast in the battles, just be able to do it in testing)
•Must stay between 200 and 400 meters altitude

•Simple weapons are banned (all of them)
•Grav rams are banned
•Proximity fuses are banned (other fuses are allowed)
•Keep your fire rate reasonable, if your designs triggers shell despawn, it will be disqualified

•No repair tentacles

Spin Blocks
•Spin blocks cannot be used to avoid game mechanics(clipping, avoiding drag, avoiding line-of-sight for detectors. sheilds projecting through other shields, etc.)
•No excessive clipping (using spin blocks to compress multiple blocks into each other)

•Unlimited ammo processors
•Centralized resource system will be used (no need for raw-resource crates)
•Each entry will start with 500 materials (They can be used for repairs, ammo refining, or in steam engines)

AI settings
•No Lua (Missiles or AI)
•Max altitude: 400
•Min altitude: 200
•Max range of 1.5 km (your entry should stay within this distance of the enemy most of the time)
•Detection equipment is not allowed (automatic detection set to 0.97)

•No excessive clipping (using spin blocks to compress multiple blocks into each other)
•No blueprint file text editing
•If unsure as to whether you're doing something cheaty, you probably are, and should scale it back

•Does not have to resemble a real life aircraft (can be fantasy, futuristic, ect.)
•Does have to be an aircraft of some kind (No ftd-physics abominations)
•Tiebreakers will be decided by aesthetics (best looking ship wins!)

Match Spawning
We're now using w0otness's Tournament Mod:
With a special thanks to An Ickle for updating it to 2.2
•Resource limited vehicle designer (centralized resources, fixed starting amount)
•Map available here
•Water only map (no land masses)
•spawn at 1000 m distance, 300m elevation, facing broadside (entries will face in opposite directions in a broadside [ ↑    ↓ ] )

Victory Conditions
•winner decided by % health remaining after 5 minutes
•If there is less than 5% difference in health after 5 minutes, the best looking ship wins (my judgement).
•Going out of bounds for more than 30 seconds will be counted as a loss (This timer does NOT reset)

Tournament Format
•To be decided (most likely double elimination, and best of 3 matches)


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