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Well made star wars cc

Please keep in mind that I'm not a creator of the thing this is about, I just want to spread it's publicity a bit.

This thread is a bit unorthodox, but I really want to spread the word about a thing I found. It seems like some of you have already found it but there's a really well made custom campaign on the steam workshop called a galaxy far far away. So far, playing the custom campaign has been some of the most fun I've had playing the game, although you'll need to go into the vehicle designer and set your resources lower than infinity if you want to legitimately play. It features the main factions from the original trilogy and the prequels. Each faction comes with their own large set of ships, most of which are fighters or capital ships. You start out fighting pirates, although it seems like bribing them used to be an option if you wanted back when that was a thing. The combat is very fast paced and it doesn't seem to run into the problem the normal campaign can where damaged things will just run and delay battles for absurd lengths of time. This is mainly because everything has way more firepower than durability. Starfighters get ripped to shreds too quickly to run and star destroyers just slowly fall after being damaged. A nice touch was that it seems like all the ships have a couple of repair bots so if something isn't completely gone you can repair it on the go. There's also a bunch of events that can happen. Unfortunately though, there are a few problems, although there actually aren't many. The main thing is that the star destroyers are huge, although they are also relatively empty and there's only lasers, PACs, and missiles, so that helps lag a bit. There's also a gargantuan death star which is absurdly laggy even when it's just there. It also kinda just falls after spawning. There's also a couple of fighters with stability issues. That's all I've really found so far though. Anyway, I'd recommend checking it out. It's quite fun to play through.
All the good ideas have already been thought of, so I'll think of bad ideas with hopes that one of them works out well.

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