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Projector designs

I know not exactly how to link to blueprints on the forum, so I'll dump a link to my steam workshop item instead.


My idea was, that if you make a large amount of slower firing "simple" APS setups without clips or autoloaders and get a few together in a blob, you can still get netto as many or more shells downrange for a similar size/cost setup. Exceptional boon is that they these don't explode or take up subdeck space.

There are a few good ways to make this work, but unfortunately all the groovy examples here are in some way Reliant upon spin-block clipping. but if one allows that leeway they can clearly for powerful battery-style weapons.

I will make some more prototpyes tomorrow or the day after that work without this spin block cheesecakery, but in the meantime these are some fairly devastating weapons.
A chief concern was getting good sustained damage in adequate volleys to fool around LAMS.

The Sabot shotgun is a particular favourite of mine.

I'll just dump this here and take a patent (joking  Big Grin Tongue )

I am looking forward to trying and seeing more option this weapon type provides.
Imperium Age of Sail Campaign Custom Campaign Dev Idea

Check it out here!

- The Best Cello Concerto of all time - No, It's not Elgar's

But it can't make use of the under deck space

You should use overlapping subobjects (to make a "single" barrel shoot 20 shells at once Idea )

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