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Aircraft Building for Beginners and Experienced Players

This will guide will be a collection of Powerpoints going over the many aspects of building planes in FtD.  It will contain information crucial for the beginning aircraft enthusiasts and more experienced builders.  Over the next few weeks I hope to produce 1 Slideshow each day until all bases for building aircraft is complete.

Part 1: Basic Physics for Center of Mass and plane balancing. (

Part 2: Propulsion systems. (

Part 3: Building Our First Plane. Video uploaded with no saved Audio, will redo here shortly.

Part 4 Surface controls

Part 5 AI and Aerial AI Card.

Part 6: Weapon Systems.

Part 8:  Sensors.

Part 9: Bombers and Fighters.

Part 10: Carriers.

Part 11:  Laser Protection

Part 12: Stealth

Edit: Power Points still too large to upload as an attachment so will need to link them from google drive. Edit 2: Google Drive method works well, should have part 2 done shortly.

If these videos helped you in some way pls leave a post below with a friendly shout-out. If you think these guides absolutely suck and hate them and think i should burn well, feel free to leave a comment.

For those using these guides the Custom Jet portion of Propulsion is NOT correct for values and formulas, I will amend here shortly.

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