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Aperson's mediocre airship dump

(2018-08-31, 07:38 AM)magma8520 Wrote: Hmn, -Browses screenies-

Hmn, you got good hull shapes at least, though the turrets are just boxes.

Is this intentional to protect it over aesthetic or just a Work In Progress?
I'm terrible at aesthetic stuff so I focus on functionality with my creations. The reason the hulls look good is because they're basically all stolen from campaign designs, although I got some from a hull dump. I should probably give credit for that, now that I think about it. Either way, my turrets are usually boxes because I'm awful at making them not look like that.
All the good ideas have already been thought of, so I'll think of bad ideas with hopes that one of them works out well.

Can anyone think of a particular kind of vehicle that I would have trouble with currently with the designs posted so far? My main original goal with these was to get a fleet that could handle basically any threat, and while I'm not exactly too efficient with some things, I think I currently handle most threats. Is there anything I've missed? If so, I'll make it at some point soon and post it if it doesn't completely fail. I'll probably also make a gatherer and a factory airship because why not.
All the good ideas have already been thought of, so I'll think of bad ideas with hopes that one of them works out well.

Well I had nothing to do so here's these utility airships.

The first is the Airship collector drone. This is the exact same as my airship drone except it uses RTGs instead of engines and has collectors on it. It has a bit of fighting capability in case of a screw up, but it's only got 6 autocannons and it costs far more than normal drone so I would recommend using that to fight instead unless absolutely necessary. I couldn't use fort AI so you'll have to manually tell it to go to resource zones. Also, for some reason it's my fastest airship. Won't complain but I find it strange because I did nothing to make it faster than the normal drone but it ended up that way.
Cost: 6732
Blocks: 228
6 side autocannons.
Speed: 39 m/s.

The other thing I made is a Factory Airship. This is the same as my missile factory airship but it doesn't make missiles and it uses RTGs instead of fuel engines. Nothing too notable. It still runs from fights so I guess you could have it in a fight and make damaged things retreat to repair but I wouldn't really recommend it.
Cost: 27928
Blocks: 1032
Negative depending on your interpretation.
Speed: 34 m/s.

Edit: Added stats because I forgot the first time.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.blueprint   Airship Collector Drone.blueprint (Size: 47.41 KB / Downloads: 2)
.blueprint   Factory Airship.blueprint (Size: 76.05 KB / Downloads: 2)
All the good ideas have already been thought of, so I'll think of bad ideas with hopes that one of them works out well.

I've been gone from FtD and the forums for a while but I recently got back into it a bit and redid some stuff on all my airships. The main change was adding command rooms to all but the drone, making turrets look nicer, and I revised my roll stabilizers to make them generally better. I decided to add a small missile armament to my command airship so that it can deal with fast planes and stuff. When the missile update happened, I made the back missiles of the missile airship small frag anti-airs and the front ones large frag anti-ships. I have removed the Hellbringer's miniguns and replaced them with small missile salvos with a few large missiles as well to make it hit capital ships a bit harder. I also made an airship that's mean to be my substitute for a fighter plane and a basic flying house and a few with gantries added on. It's a lot more expensive and bulky and not nearly as fast as an actual plane, but it's my cheapest good anti-air and it has a good amount of firepower. The house serves no real purpose but has some collectors on it. I decided not to include the gantries because they're just the house with some metal stuff and repair tentacles. Criticisms are welcome, improvement is faster with advice.

Fighter Airship:

Cost: 59304.
Blocks: 1284.
Weapons: 100 small frag missiles.
Speed: 46 m/s.
Defense: None.

Flying House:

Cost: 4546.
Blocks: 296.
Weapons: Nope.
Speed: 3 m/s.
Defense: None.
Collection Rate: 2/s.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.zip (Size: 646.69 KB / Downloads: 0)
All the good ideas have already been thought of, so I'll think of bad ideas with hopes that one of them works out well.

As someone who also built pretty bare-bones vessels in the aesthetic department I can commiserate with you.  Just from looking at the pictures the biggest overarching error i'm seeing is that your hulls in almost every, case are either too small, or the internal space is not being utilized effectively.  you should never have things like engines chilling out on the deck.  If the hull's internal space can't fit them, then you need a bigger hull, or less engine. Getting all that stuff off the deck and inside the ship automatically cleans up a lot of ugly clutter (cuz let's face it, even the best FTDs fuel engines are rusty boxes!).  The same goes for your turrets, which are all in true FTDs fashion, boxes!  Boxes are hard to make pleasing, especially when they are almost as big as the bridge.  you should strive to fit all the gun's components under the deck, and the turret should mostly be aesthetically shaped armor, with maybe a few functional components taking advantage of the connections on the guage chain behind the firing piece.  This keeps the turret itself fairly small, and small turrets don't compete much visually with the bridge and deck decorations.  Furthermore, the smaller the turret, the fewer blocks it takes to give it a complex and interesting shape. 

The only other real 'complaint' I have is that you are using a borrowed hull.  Borrowed stuff is nice, in fact i'm developing a whole system of modular buildings for people to build bases and test platforms with, but it means that every time you build a new ship you aren't forcing yourself to actually, build and that means you won't get better as quickly.  I'll take you through my building progression to show what I mean.

This is my first, functional ship. (It don't work now, notice the lack of detection).  My first actual ship is now a target dummy.  They both had a few similar issues: 
-They're too small, both the hull and the outrigger pods are stuffed full of components which means the gun (all above deck!) and those expensive shield blocks are un-armored chilling outside
-They're under-powered. This thing moves at 10m/s on a good day.  It doesn't have enough space on the hull to fit enough propellers to move the hull and it can't fit an engine for them if it did.
-The main hull is unstable because it's too small.  This is what killed my first ship, and I used a band-aid on this one by making it a trimaran, which is difficult to roll.

[Image: 6C7A7693D257675BCCFFEDCEC982180623295A42]

I also made the same mistake you have of re-using hulls . . . twice!  my next ship was just like the one above, just bigger, and will all the same issues.  It had better systems (guns, engine, shields, etc) but the core hull itself was flawed.  I finally sat down and completely re-did the hull and all systems.  The result was a Frigate that looks just about the same (about 40% of the size though) as the ship below.  It was much better in vitally every way (Also, paint.  Paint does wonders to dress up any ship!), but then I did the same thing again! I built a bigger ship and re-used the same basic hull shape with new systems.   Because of that I didn't learn much: notice the very basic turrets and lack of a bridge.  The shape itself is also pretty basic.  After this Destroyer I went back, rebuilt the Frigate into 3 different hulls, and also built a cruiser.  For each ship i always re-built all the systems, so those got much better, much faster than my hulls.

[Image: 51967C9E48B46DF710630EA6B5F1E24F9ECBFD5A]

This is my latest, big ship  (It's not actually that big, and as you can see by the white in the middle i'm currently re-building the hull)  This particular hull has gone through about 4 revisions, and with the recent pickup in update speed it's looking like i'm going to have to strip it again and get a fresh start on revision 5.    The main issue?   The hull is now too small  Wink .  However, It's got a bridge in a low-profile modern style, and the turrets are much more interesting (inspired by Merkava and T-90 tank turrets).  It was also the test-bed for point-defense systems for my future larger ships.

[Image: AE363F8FDC8FD82286B8CCA061C71EC127C3EFC2]

Below is my current big ship project (since my actual project is fixing all my missile systems!)  It is a complete rebuild of the Destroyer two photos above.  Notice that the hull itself is larger, and while still fairly stream-lined and utilitarian the shape is much sharper and more complex.  It also fixes the placement of the guns, moving them farther forward and farther to the rear to make room for a central citadel that will shield the engine, LAMs, and Missiles with the bridge on top. 

The most critical thing I want you to take notice of is that these later 'aesthetically pleasing' shapes are not terribly different from the ones you are building right now.  At their core, my bridge and turrets are boxes, the box is just sheathed in 1-2 layers of slopes to sculpt it into the shape I want.  For example: on the Destroyer above, the hull itself is a straight "V" shape viewed from the side, with the point of the "V" at the water line (or just above it).  The new destroyer below is also a "V" shape, but the slopes are varied and the point of the "V" is instead a blunt edge with a layer of 2m slopes followed by 2 layers of 1m slopes above.  Below the edge are several layers of 1m slopes ending in a layer of 2m slopes.  The rear is also completely re-done with the propellers buried internally to mimic the most modern hydro-jet propulsion systems for this futuristic build. This gives the sides a 'softer' and more gradual transition, and the variety of slopes (as opposed to just using 1m sloes for the whole thing) gives it a more interesting shape.  At the rear, the story is the same, with different levels of slopes together forming a sleek, interesting shape. . . at it's core though, it's still just a bunch of boxes with smoothed edges!

[Image: 2B93BB772E0D22B6ECD7FA69505C0C5DF8A1A76B]

Hope this helps and happy building!
-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll try using them when I continue working on my airships. The empty space thing has been a problem I've noticed for a while, but I can't think of anything to do with it and I don't want to make the airships too heavy. I also definitely need a bigger hull for the fighter airship, although I'm honestly not troubled by the drone's exposed engine because it'll usually die in one hit anyways. I really should figure out how to make airship hulls, literally all of my hulls are made for ships and also not mine. Having dedicated airship hulls would be way better than putting ship hulls in the sky. I also need to start making superstructures, my turrets would probably look significantly nicer if they weren't sticking out of the hull like they are now.
All the good ideas have already been thought of, so I'll think of bad ideas with hopes that one of them works out well.

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