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2.2.4 [all branches]

Some multiplayer bugs checked and more or less confirmed. Most of them already were there for long time.

- [CRITICAL] Random cross-vehicle influence while both players are building on different subconstructs  (confirmed with any turrets). Mostly client-side.
  *When one’s placing or deleting blocks on a subconstruct, these blocks can suddenly appear or disappear on other subconstruct that other player is editing, in apropriate grid positions, replacing any blocks in these positions or hanging midair. Bugged blocks on subconstruct are visible for client only, and not functional, but do block their positions for building. Newly added highlighting feature correctly highlights them as if they were normal. If subconstruct block itself (turret/spinner) affected, it gets deleted for server too (leading to suddenly destroyed turret). Can affect subconstructs on same vehicle aswell as on different vehicles.
  *To reproduce: in MP, build or remove anything on a subobject, while someone editing another subobject, eventually it will happen.

- [bug] when part of the construct despawns (due to being cut off in battle or when too damaged etc), it seems it’s block of origin constantly shifts (seemingly from just despawned block to new CoM block or something) while origin remains at same global coordinates, in result whole construct rapidly derps around. So if half of the ship falls off, remaining half suddenly jumps towards the cut, even ramming just detached part.

- [visual][weird] All blocks are vibrating! As weird as it sounds. In  SP all ok.
  *Zoom in close to any construct and observe as all its blocks slightly moving.
  *Flickering shadows in MP might be caused by / related to this.

- [visual] GPU water glitchin when viewed from close to surface: bright grainy noise.

- [visual] White square at the bottom of the world, when looking down from above water, and in map views.
   *visible in SP too, but very tiny.
   *with newest patch (suddenly downloaded just now) get much smaller in MP
Makes things.
The fastest thing in the universe is sluggish... Years, decades, centuries from star to star.

Can't call this a bug, but the transition from sky texture tospace textures occurs at a much lower altitude than before.
Here is how it looks at 150m:
[Image: AA0EACB746A21B83CC7F6818BE2789D0867D9C8D]

And here is how it looks at 350m (feels like into orbit already):
[Image: D841706351D79A6AE3F5D4E38B3E63AC8E678329]

And here is the sky from old engine (2.16), still at 350m:
[Image: 06B3D29A3319016E91918E2A77288C7805CB1D52]

Guess it's just a slider to move somewhere... Not really an issue though, just feels strange when playing with air units.
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Not sure why, but my Advanced Cannons are now shooting the ship they're placed on, every single design now does this, but didn't in the previous updates, despite all still having failsafes.
[Image: T87gFcll.jpg?1]

Current most powerful ship in my fleet ^ "Gorgon"

I am not sure where to take this or if it's just something my own box is doing, but the default settings my game popped up with are absolutely terrible. I do not have a potato computer, but I do not own a supercomputer either. i5@3ghz GTX950 16gb ram. Should be fine, yeah? Has been this whole time and FPS do not suffer at all with this update. The problem is lighting, shading, highlighting, and general complete fubar of the UI for me.

Lighting and shading go together for me. Land features, ocean bits, and generally everything washes out pretty badly (i've since messed with half the settings to no avail... some help was had by basically gimping everything new which seems to defeat the whole purpose here) and is overly bright. On the flip side of that coin when I am building in the designer rooms that are sealed from the outside are dark. While this makes internal sense, it is a serious pain in the ass to have to place light blocks just to see while I'm in designer mode. Further, those light blocks don't actually light the rooms well (and it was a 9x9x9 empty cube ffs). Textures and everything now look extremely cartoon raster colored and it's just... terrible. I was happy with the original way the blocks looked. Wood is now greyish. What? No. There's SO much wrong with the new looks that I don't even know where to start or how to cover everything. Brightness is just ridiculous and overkill and then contrast seems to be also massive overkill... either I am blind or I cant see anything and am blind.

Highlighting is driving me crazy. It's bright, obtrusive, and not helpful. Can I make those lines thinner? Can I turn down the glow so i can tell what parts are what through the nasty coloring everywhere? Who does this help because it is killing my productivity something fierce? A few tweak sliders and a setting to turn it OFF. The same would be nice for whatever is making the game so Lamb bright.

My last issue is the least important. Before when I was building the tips for buttons etc were a bit larger (not really an issue at all) and when it said to press [ it did not call it LeftBracket. This is just a convenience and QoL thing for me and isn't at all a real problem. I'll adapt, but I'd really prefer the key symbol to the typed out words. LeftBracket, RightBracket, etc somewhat threw me. [ ] was instantly understood the first time I opened the game. It's standard to use the symbols on the keys or little icons with button letters (X Box style where they show you a blue button with an A or whatever color A is).

99% of my problem is the absolutely terrible visual effects that have happened since the update. What settings do you turn down and where can I find them to turn them down since the UI no longer has settings that seem to effect that stuff enough to fix what's wrong? Brightness I can combat, but the weird coloring of wood blocks throws me off pretty hardcore. I could just be stupid. I'm still waiting to see what tweaks get made... now... done ranting about bad things. How about some cool stuff?

EVERYTHING ELSE IS AMAZING TYVM. I appreciate all of your hard work and I am very pleased to see it continue. Let's get me visually squared away so I can feel as cool as the rest of you. Smile

EDIT: PBR shaders being off seems to improve the wood block coloring issue some. Why do I have to use "dark ages" shaders to get the best coloring on the wood? Is the wood supposed to seem somewhat grey vs the brown we usually associate with wooden things? I'll accept that, but I wont like it. :p
[Image: 3bb7830d881f78fa04c88990d560db32bb586b4c_full.jpg] Someone tell me why the hell I had to draw this to explain this: |-. (The crap at the top is a random doodle and unrelated)

This new version looks good, but ate my pc. In 1920*1080 (full, withouth shadows), i get somewhat low fps even on my thunderling variant, wich is not a too big ship. The situation was better with 2.16, i had no fps problems with thunderling, but with that old version, i got massive fps drops from just even watching a Bullwark from the distance. So the fps situation is worse now. Specs: Ryzen 2600 @4.0GHz, 16GB ram, Radeon RX460 4GB

Also, something is odd with my low caliber APS sabbot cannons. They shoot (reload) much slower than before the update. I need to investigate this...

@actionbastard & Kepsz: water reflections seem to be the option killing FPS. Lowering from planar to space reflection worked good for me (from ~22 to 40+ fps). Be careful, the option is hidden at the bottom of graphical options, depending of the font size it will not display (and the scrolling bar on the right is quite small).
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

(2018-08-28, 07:21 PM)BlitzkriegBob Wrote: Can't call this a bug, but the transition from sky texture tospace textures occurs at a much lower altitude than before.
Here is how it looks at 150m:

And here is how it looks at 350m (feels like into orbit already):

And here is the sky from old engine (2.16), still at 350m:

Guess it's just a slider to move somewhere... Not really an issue though, just feels strange when playing with air units.

Yes, this looks pretty strange and as if polar lights existed everywhere.
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(2018-08-28, 05:20 PM)LoSboccacc Wrote:
(2018-08-27, 10:59 PM)Dom Wrote: My system consists of a Ryzen 5 1600 and GTX 980 with windows 10. I put in 2 hours yesterday without any issues or crashing on 2.16 and is working fine with the game off. 

get some high end game demo and see if this repeats. it looks like psu doesn't give enough power when full load. setting a fps limiter might help too until you find the cause

Fixed! I tried Mr. Smarts suggestion. Oh and by the way Losboccacc, Shes got an EVGA 650BQ and runs Dirt 4 pretty much maxed with no issues, I thank you for the help and will consider it for future issues and future games.

Hope everyone else's issues get resolved as well!
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Please post your bugs on the bug report forum

Not in this thread
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Today's update seems fixed my APS cannon problem. They are now fireing at the usual rates.

@BlitzkriegBob: i have no idea where are those settings. But disabling "GPU ocean" did the job. In the menu, i got 23fps by default, with GPU ocean. With disabled GPU ocean, i get constant 60fps. This means, i can turn the camera into a bullwark, and the fps are mostly stays higher than 20. I think i have to upgrade my RX460 card because of this game. Smile

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