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Poll: Ready for stable?
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2.2.2 / September planning / new starts / stable release / mega thread

With all that new ui, can we expect some love for subconstruct and prefab menus? Like subfolders, moving, renaming and maybe some other file managing stuff?
Right now managing those are very unpleasant, and i need to update a lot of cannons.

I've been going through a lot of grief trying to figure out why my multiplayer only works intermittently. It turns out that it is an issue with the master server not being compatible with IPv6, and the IP address I'm assigned jumps between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses due to using my mobile phone with unlimited tethering as my only internet connection. Would it be possible to fix this?

(2018-08-23, 01:27 AM)Ominethious Wrote: I'm a happy tanker now c: 


That's awesome! I've yet to make a serious ground vehicle in FtD, I think that will change soon.

One thing I want to do is make a TEL (transporter-erector-launcher) with large gauge missiles and ACB.

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