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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

(2018-11-16, 08:15 PM)DraWay Wrote: Holy potatoes. I watched some videos from SE:Battleships before that one (to show to someone), and managed to forget that this is another tourney! And yes, your voices are similar enough for sleepy brains.
Hmm, maybe it's a sign? How's next SE?

You have good machine it seems. On my thing, it often never realizes huge chunks, despite calling itself an I7. Laptops, ehh.
This spammer will be hard to beat, simply because no CRAM turret can survive THAT.

haha - these things happen even to the best. Smile
I am planning for the next SE, but want to include new rudders and steam props. Haven't tested them myself yet, but people tell me these are still bugged and subject to patch.
Also changes done by Anicle to the Tournament mod provide new possibilities which I'd like to include.
primum non nocere
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