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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Dutchess is beautiful! I'd say one of the top 3 best looking ships here. So sad to see it disqualified for clipping problems. Maybe it can be fixed? It seems like a small easy to fix problem and I would love to see it fight with its secondaries replaced or removed. It doesn't seem to be optimized for performance so I don't think its OP. Of course no idea if it has more clipping going on inside and it clearly broke the rules. Maybe it could have a fight outside the tournament?

3AM has very cool looking unique turrets. Nice hull shape too. Cool ship! It has a lot of firepower but it could really use some more armor here and there. Seems like a pretty strong ship unless it receives some critical hits. Running away is also a potential problem because the front guns simply can't aim and it also becomes an easier target.
Danubia is a well protected ship but the lack of ammo is a problem. Congrats to the Danubia for becoming a champion! Smile

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