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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

(2018-11-16, 12:00 AM)DraWay Wrote: I like how harnas kept "nope, never seen that thing before" entire video x)
And now I want to see that cross cut in pieces. Unlikely to happen, though. It's wide enough, and even if we'll got lucky, game may recognize that cut like two years after battle ends.
Who? Me? Or do you mean Menti?
Cutting the limb off is possible and did happen occasionally in testing. The delay is not that bad... 15s. max on my machine.

(2018-11-16, 09:26 AM)Tomson Wrote: Crossfire is probably the most untraditional design so far. It has a nice anount of decoration so although it doesn't look like a ship it looks pretty good. Kinda looks like a floating fortress to me. Looks quite durable. It has a LOT of guns which I like. But it doesn't seem to have very powerful shells. Doesn't do too much damage against the Danubia but enough to disable guns and reduce the target's HP slowly. Danubia is a tough ship so it doesn't take much damage. Crossfire can also repair a lot and not using a lot of resources in the process.Also likes to hug. So cute! :3 I bet it'll be hard to beat.

Thanks Tomson. You gave me a good idea - I should try the star shaped fort some time.
Danubia is a special case. Its deck armour is at legendary level, probably the best in the entire tournament. It also rammed my auxiliary ammo store in round 1 (rude!).
Anyway I didn't want to penetrate the armour and build according to the principle "2 inches of penetration all over the deck is enough to win" and this should convert the opponent to a floating box.
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