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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

The Danubia is long and interesting looking. Has lots of small turrets and not much else. But the Hungarian colors make it objectively the best looking ship. I like it! XD
Danubia's turrets have really good firing angles. 359° I'd say. +-1°. It also has a very durable deck at least against HE.
Funkrome is one of the best looking non replika ships in my opinion. It looks cool but its several design flaws caused it to drop out early. Makes me sad. But the fact that it means new ships becoming active makes me happy. XD

Another new ship. Nice! 207 is a bit simplistic. I like the turrets but the hull itself could use a bit of decoration. Doesn't look bad though. It can fire directly forward with all of its turrets which is nice. It has well protected props.
Danubia has fast repairs! Really doesn't want to go into a broadside. Lots of not broadsiding ships recently.

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