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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

(2018-10-24, 08:37 AM)Tomson Wrote: April is scary with its dodging maneuvers and fast repairs! It also has powerful guns so it's a nearly flawless fighter. I think the only ship type that could beat it reliably would be a fast tough brawler that chases it to death.

Yeah, that's how Slapdash got a tie in round 2. The biggest weakness of April Showers is definitely something that has the speed and AI config to stay within 1300m so it chooses to run away instead of dodging. It's also weak against ships that don't care about range or actively move away, because that triggers an easy to hit mode I had to put in so it could do enough damage to itself to get in. From what I've seen, the ships with the best chance to beat April Showers are Waifu Smuggler, St. Augustin, and maybe Crossfire. Fortunately I won't have to fight any of those unless we both get into the post season.

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