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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

The Curse is a cool looking ship! The colors are a bit untraditional but it looks good. Very nice hull shape and turrets. Very cool superstructure and details too! I like it!
Cool sinking in round 1! It should be a rule that ships sink if they get all of their compartments flooded. But maybe that would make a lot of fights too short.
Not sure how strong the Curse is. Unfortunately to it it's first opponent was Slapdash which we all know is super strong. But Curse managed to do over 10% damage to it before going down so I think it's another strong ship. I'm impressed!

Montana looks interesting. I wouldn't say it's beautiful or realistic looking but I kinda like its design. Reminds me of my early FtD designs which brings back good memories. Smile It looks kinda like it could fit into an old video game as a futuristic ship. Montana has really strong guns! It did a lot of damage until it lost it's guns. How do people make guns that aim at turrets? I know guns have a lot of blocks and the AI has a higher chance to choose them as the target but some ships seem to almost always aim at turrets. Strange.

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