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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

(2018-09-19, 08:34 PM)Menti Wrote: I would love to do everybody v everybody, but that would take like... 2000+ episodes, probably. No thanks. XD It's not perfect right now, but it's the best I'm capable of and willing to do.

You're doing more than enough Menti! Thanks for the fun vids! Big Grin

The first fight of Obdurateness is vs Tennessee... I don't need to watch the vid to know the result. O_o Both front turrets gone in the first volley. Obdurateness destroys a turret and Tennessee rebuilds it in 10 seconds... well mostly. That repair rate is crazy! In round 2 Obdurateness kept its turrets a bit better, but not much better. Tennessee is really good at hitting and destroying turrets. It looks great, causes tons of damage and does weapon disabling better than my spam ship, it has decent durability and it looks great. Ferram is OP! I feel sorry for anyone close to his ship.

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