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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Legionaire has a lot of secondaries. I have a feeling its for disabling weapons and wrecking superstructure. I like the ones above the main turrets. It also has golden chains attached to the red anchors. Fancy! O.O Lots of propellers! It could be pretty fast if you would reduce the drag. That T shaped keel on the bottom for example is pretty bad. It probably slows the ship down a lot and doesn't look good either. I like the color of the ship! Looks cool. It's blinking!? A police BB! XD Very nice!
It seems that Legionaire lost its main guns early before they could do much. And soon after it started rolling to its side because it lost buoyancy on one side only. It didn't sink but that way not even the secondaries could aim. In round 2 Legionnaire managed to damage 2 turrets in the short time it could use its guns, so I think it has pretty capable weapons. I'm afraid Legionnaire needs a bit more work. invest more into turreted main guns, have less broadside guns and scrap the dividing wall in the center. That being said Overlord seems to be the stone for Legionnaire's scissor. With only 2 main turrets your BB is weak against crippling CRAM spam types. And with the compartments divided in the centerline it's weak against hull breaches.

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