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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Awellner's BB looks very cool! O.O Nice hull shape and a very cool superstructure, cool details and tough looking turrets. I like it a lot! Big Grin I think I saw heavy armor on the inside so it's probably really tough! It also packs a punch! At least against light armor. Disabled most of the guns on my BB early. I really regret not spending 50 mats on a spwanstick! Most of the damage is done before it turns into a broadside (especially damaged weapons) but even after that Wapen caused lots of damage as long as it could aim. And holy ship it has fast repairs! O_o Wow! We rarely see mats being eaten that fast! But I think it has compartments on the sides because after a few hull breaches it doesn't want to float right. I connected all of the compartments in the middle so this doesn't happen as easily. I feel like this is Wapens only major weakness.
Overlord had no chance in round 1. It simply lost too many weapons to fight. I thought the other rounds would be the same but In round 2 my BB had more weapons left and Wapen capsized making it completely unable to aim. Lucky for me! Same for round 3 plus the ramming. I feel like these 2 BBs gave all they had here. A very intense brawl! Good fight! Smile

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