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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

It's a witch! XD Fun looking ship. Kinda chubby and cute. The red lights and the green smoke were a nice touch with the hat and the colors.
Wow it has strong guns! It must be whichcraft! It took chunks out of my ship every time it hit. Scary! It's also pretty durable. It took very little damage even after it ran out of materials for repairs. Very impressive ship. It's small size makes it lose its guns early but that's true for most ships.
I was really worried when it went for a ram in round 1. Pretty sure it has more bulk than my BB so it would have won the ram and drowned the Overlord.
In round 2 Overlord tried to run away. It's huge and sluggish so turning is not one of its talents. We might see something like that in the future. As a punishment the Not a Which made it disappear. XD
I think if the Not A Which would have turned broadside earlier it would have had the DPS to disable my BB. It's guns seemed more than capable of killing anything they hit. Ships in this tournament seem to want to brawl more than they used to in previous ones. XD
Good fight! Smile

"I figured no amount of reasonable armor would stop a direct hit. The problem is 21 guns firing at 4 points of failure on a relatively small target is going to win pretty quick."
Overlord has 7 AIs directly controlling each turret so it should technically aim at 7 different blocks and changes its target every 10 seconds. It's a cheezy way to win but it's a huge advantage.

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