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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

This embedding thing on the forum is so broken, lol. Not a fan of the new forum, but anyway.

As for the changing how the battles are produced, it kind of doesn't matter how I do things. Someone will get left out and have a long dry spell. If I were to say change it so that instead of the AC becoming the next ship on the list it is the ship that would've been in the next video vs. the previous AC (so, for example, if the Overlord had retired against the Capitol, the AC would become the Maurits) then all of the ships in the middle will go several months without being in another battle. If I change it so I pair off every ship with another like has been suggested, it'll still be quite some time before the bottom gets seen and then it'll be months before they get seen again, so that doesn't really solve anything other than introducing them. Not to mention this can make tracking things later on a bit of a mess.

I'd prefer to keep it as was originally laid out because it has more continuity to it. It lets people root for specific ships while they run the gauntlet and gives every ship equal opportunity for screen time. Yeah, it sucks to be toward the bottom (I mean, I'm down there in position 34 out of 45 myself!) due to the waiting involved, but that is going to be an issue with this many contestants one way or another.

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