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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

"Extreme glass cannon approach could make sense, but still one needs some structural material to provide buoyancy."

Yes, on tests I ran into this problem.
And do you know how I solved it?

Movable center of mass!
Blocks of lead mounted on the rotor at the bottom of the machine!)) This allows it not to roll over when it loses half the body))
Another solution came by itself.
I just installed the propellers along the bottom.
And thanks to the resultant vector of thrust and water resistance, the ship receives a torque that lifts the nose out of the water. Blocks that pushed the nose out of the water stop pushing it out and automatically become cargoes, doing the reverse work. The system is balanced.
And in the end, we have the resulting vector of thrust, directed straight and up. That miraculously provides buoyancy to the piece of stone that remains from the ship at the end of the battle...)))
I was pleasantly surprised at this phenomenon)))


"Frag CRAM? Unique approach - I wonder how this will play out. I've tested this out using timed fuse, but it did not provide satisfactory results. Maybe my shells were too small, not sure."

Fragments steadily destroy decor on the deck, which shortens the path to despawn the ship...
Fragments that fall into the water behind the ship, destroy the propellers...
Fragments regularly cut the gun barrels...
Well and at last, they simply remarkably destroy the blocks ensuring the buoyancy of the ship...)))

External critical hits.

To win it is not necessary to destroy the ship entirely.
It is enough to make it incompetent.

But would you see what the fragments do with my paper ship...)))
"Make love, not war." (с) Gershon Legman

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