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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

(2018-09-12, 01:33 PM)SPD Wrote: So no, whenever the Overlord gets 7 wins OR 3 losses, new active combatant will be chosen from the top of the list and starts with the vehicle right under it

oops, correct. 

(2018-09-12, 01:39 PM)harnas1977 Wrote: Not always. For example it is usually a good idea to have less spam with APS and have your round at larger caliber and length (if you are able land these, of course).
For CRAM, I am sure there is some sweet spot on the number of shells fired vs their gauge and power.

APS is a bit different story, with how it scales with size, but still even there, even with strict limits, spam is better than no spam in certain cases. And if you can afford spam, is there a reson why you shouldn't?
With HE CRAMs it's more extreme, as towards the size/packing/RoF cap their damage increase slowes down instead of rocketing into space as APS does.

Regrdless, more guns are redundancy, more shells, damage everywhere and more chances of damage where it needed, and alltogether it's more dakka!
And even in reality, inventions in field of high quantities always were game changers. Spam as such is OP by it's nature.
Makes things.
The fastest thing in the universe is sluggish... Years, decades, centuries from star to star.

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