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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Yes, HE just annihilates my ship...)
I spent all the time preparing for the tournament on just one thought: How to protect yourself from HE? !!!
And as a result, I simply collected a classic paper ship with an armored capsule reservation scheme.
CRAMs are simply unstoppable.
HE burn out everything behind the first layer of armor.
Armor piercing shells break heavy armor like paper.
130 AC. 13000 damage. + a little XE and fragments.
No armor will help here.

Therefore, I also supplemented the ship with a huge number of blocks.
Damage can not be avoided. Let's say thank you to the rule that the ship itself must cause a lot of damage.
Consequently. Maneuverable ships are practically meaningless.
Maneuvering is only necessary at the beginning of the battle. And that's all.
And without a rendezvous, the ship will not do damage to itself on tests...
And the new mandatory steering wheels practically kill the tactic of evasion.

But one thing remains unchanged.
The winner is the one who will destroy more blocks of the enemy ship earlier.
As a result - a glass cannon...
With a large supply of HP.

Of course there is one more concept.
Thin stick.
The accuracy of the CRAM guns is just awful. And a great many shells just fly by.
Therefore, I made a bet on fragmentation shells with a temporary fuse.
They have a huge radius of fragmentation.
A small HE filling should burn a turret with a single-layer armor.


"It would be nice to put each ship up for 1 fight before going on to more fights. People like me toward the bottom of the list have to wait several months to see their boat in action."
As a man who gave the ship one of the last... I vote for this idea)))
"Make love, not war." (с) Gershon Legman

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