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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Capitol has a LOT of turrets! 24 guns. WOW! The weather forecast predicts a rain of CRAM shells. Looks like Onyx Watch to me but with different colors. Hot colors!
At the start of the first round Overlord lost half of its firepower while it missed most of its shots. I have no idea what's wrong with this ship. It's probably cursed. Bad accuracy, looses it's guns easily, gets damaged easily, weak firepower and I'm pretty sure it was about to sail out of range at the end of round 1. I know it has design flaws but it just got almost wrecked by a much cheaper ship. I have the strange feeling it won't win 7 fights. At least I know what to work on if I would want to improve it.
Considering Capitol costs 60k less than my ship it performed really well in round 1. Pure HE is still effective against lightly armored targets it seems. I think it needs better protection for the guns (remove the glass from the front of the turret) and maybe 2-3 extra turrets or more armor and it would be a beast. I would spend the 60k on spamming alloy inside to improve buoyancy and protect the guns better.

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